Facebook Marketing Tips

4 Tips for Using Facebook in your Content Marketing

It’s simply not possible if you’ve been marketing for any amount of time that you haven’t been advised that Facebook, and social media in general, is essential to your online success. I would say that’s totally true, but with one major caveat: you must know how to use it, or you’ll come away believing that it is a useless time-wasting exercise in futility.

Let’s look for a moment at why Facebook is just flat out perfect as a content marketing platform, and see 4 tips on how you can make the most of it quickly and easily.

Why is Facebook a Content Marketing Machine?

There are a handful of reasons, and they’re huge. The first is that they have proven themselves to stay on the forefront of all the latest developments regarding online marketing.

In video alone it’s believed they are now getting a paltry 4 billion views a day, definitely giving YouTube a run for their money.

Combine this with their mobile capabilities, and you have a prescription for the future of marketing online. Want proof? Facebook owns 4 of the top 8 non-gaming apps in the Apple Store, with the Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

Four Tips for Content Marketing on Facebook

Employ visual media – Using videos and images in your content marketing on Facebook is an incredible way to get your content shared. It’s well known how visual Facebook users are, and tapping into this whenever possible is definitely a good idea.

Brief posts rule – Since it’s clear that shorter Facebook posts do far better, (60% better engagement than longer ones!) do yourself a favor and don’t get verbose. Save that for the content you may be leading them to!

Use Facebook paid ads – Facebook is becoming the paid ads weapon of choice, primarily because of their terrific targeting functionality. This is good, as you’ll want to use them to promote, and try your best not to get overly promotional in your content, as Facebook has pretty much declared war on brands promoting within posts, without paying for ads.

Promote blog posts on Facebook – One of the best tactics you can use is to announce new content, such as new blog posts via Facebook. This could easily drive loads of new visitors to your blog, and have them take the first step into your sales funnels!

Pinterest Tips

Tips to Help Your Small Business Stand Out on Pinterest

If you’ve begun to market your small business on Pinterest, then you’re probably aware of the enormous opportunity that 70 million eager to buy offers. While Pinterest has literally exploded in growth over the last few years, it is still a little bit of a Wild West Show, and more and more strategies are showing up detailing exactly how to reach these people.

Pinterest has exploded both in growth and also as a marketing platform in a relatively short amount of time, and what’s been proven about this audience is that while it is skewed largely female, it’s a great buyer’s audience. If you’ve got a product or service that is visual at all, (or can be) you need to get it on a board on Pinterest quick!

We’ve scoured our sources and found 5 great tips for marketing your small business on Pinterest. Start using them today!

5 Useful Tips on how to Market your Small Business on Pinterest

Join Pinterest Groups – Locating board groups in your market can help you speed up the engagement and connect with more followers. There is a free tool called PinGroupie that can help you find relevant groups. After you’ve joined a few of these, be sure and offer great value to the group.

Make a Blog Board – Setting up a blog board is a cool way to notify your followers automatically of your newest blog posts. Optimize for search and you’ll be surprised how many will find you in Google. Be sure to write a good description and use a compelling image.

Check Out Who is Pinning Your Competitor’s Pins – It would stand to reasons that those that are pinning your competition are going to also be interested in what you are offering. Be sure and follow them, and see how many follow you back.

Optimize Your Descriptions – Since you have only about 75-100 characters that show up in the grid description, it’s a good idea to craft a description which uses your primary keywords, and pertinent information. This is not, however, a place to sell!

Consider Adding Text to Images – Overlaying text onto your images converts much better than straight images. This will necessitate editing your image in image editing software, but in some niches these can return another 50% worth of engagement. I’d say that’s worth it!

How To Use Hashtags

Discover How Hashtag Marketing Can Work for your Business

If you spend any amount of time on Twitter, or now just about any of the other social networks, you know how widespread the use of #hashtags has become. They’ve become shorthand for entire groups and segments of people and movements.

It’s now possible to even utilize Emojis in your hashtags, at least on Instagram. The other networks will soon follow suit, I imagine.

Hashtags help you discover more about your audience, see what they’re talking about and interested in, encourage engagement, and also help you with branding.

To get you going in the right direction, here are 5 tips you can use to make your hashtag marketing more effective.

5 Great tips for making the most of Hashtag Marketing

Examine what your audience is talking about – One of the highest and best uses for hashtags is to grab some quick intelligence on what your audience is thinking, reacting to, and talking about. This is golden, and can help the entire scope of your marketing efforts.

Look into paid promotion – Promoting your hashtag on Twitter can sometimes make a popular campaign wildly popular. Only do this when you’ve got a good one going. The goal here is to have your hashtag make in onto Twitter’s trending list.

Use local hashtags for local promotion – If you want to promote specific local locations for your business, use local geo-modifiers to identify neighborhood businesses. A simple and effective way to increase the reach of your brand.

Found a trending hashtag? Join the conversation! – A fantastic way to leverage the power of popular hashtags is to jump into the ongoing conversation. Don’t attempt to hijack, but rather add substance to the discussion, in a way only your brand can!

Use Hashtags to amplify your marketing – Hashtags can be a good way to energize the success of already working campaigns, and help you make the most of them. Creating hashtags that continue the buzz and point to your campaigns are a great way to multiply your results.

Fast and simple to use, hashtags can be another arrow to add to your marketing quiver. Give them a shot today!

How To LinkedIn

Check Out these 10 LinkedIn Tips to Pump Up the Volume

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly more the go-to source for business leads and connections, but only if you are able to get out of the beginner mode. There are several great features that enable you to make connections, share content and extend your reach exponentially, but to be able to make the best use of these you need to be not only active but smart.

To help you with that, here are 10 awesome LinkedIn tips to get you started.

10 LinkedIn Tips to Maximize Your Reach

Customize your profile URL – Be sure and customize your URL with your or your company’s name. This naturally lends an air of professionalism to your page.

Put a LinkedIn Profile Badge on your site – An easy task to do and a nifty tool for increasing connections and site authority. Pick from a few different designs.

Be sure to optimize your page – Complete and make the most of all the features you can when it comes to your company page. You definitely want to make a brand statement.

List your skills to get endorsements – Be sure you list your particular skills when filling out your profile. This enables your connections to make that easy + click to endorse you for any of these they’re aware of.

Utilize your LinkedIn Groups – Joining and contributing to LinkedIn groups provides you with a couple of great advantages. This gives you the ability to send messages to members of the group who you are not level one connected with, and also the ability to view profiles.

Create Showcase Pages – Since LinkedIn got rid of the Products & Services tab, you’ll want to use Showcase Pages to promote products and services directly.

Directly Email your LinkedIn Group – Known as LinkedIn Announcements, you can mail all the members of your LinkedIn group once per week.

Get LinkedIn to send you leads with Saved Searches – By saving your searches on LinkedIn they will send you new leads based on the search parameters you entered. Can you say free leads?

Ask Your Connections for Introductions – Mine your current connections and ask them to introduce you someone they are connected to that you would like to be. You’ll be surprised at how many will say yes.

Reorder Your LinkedIn Skills – You now have the ability to edit your skills and within that you can reorder your skills to emphasize what you’d like to. It can also lessen the number of no-picture endorsers present there.

Social Media Tips

Does your Small Business Flounder with Social Media? See these 3 Tips!

Okay, it’s 2015: do you know where your social media is? We can all agree (at least I hope so) that social media is not only where the people are, it has also become a viable source of traffic, engagement and marketing for nearly any business that would choose to make use of it.

The key here is to get moving, and don’t fear the unknown. This medium changes daily, and you need a certain ability to roll with that, knowing that most of the time the changes only help you. (Remember, embrace change!) Let’s have a look at a few ways we can help you with that.

3 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Lay out a social media strategy – Decide on a goal for your social media strategy from the outset, as it will make it far more achievable and real to team members as you pursue it. Whether you intend to generate leads, engage with prospects or advertise, lay this out and then look at all the possible social platforms that could work for you. Not all of them will be a good fit.

Don’t try to use all of them – There are a lot of social platforms you can sign up for, however, not all may be applicable enough to your business to warrant the time and expense involved. For instance, if you are a Mercedes auto body shop, SnapChat (frequented by teens) is probably not your best use of resources.

Consistency is key – One of the main reasons social media works well for businesses is that they commit to engaging in it. Posting once in a blue moon will draw a big yawn from social media, and no one will care or come around. Once you commit, post frequently with awesome value and honest intent.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful social media initiative, you can begin to cultivate and build the type of following that will not only look forward to hearing from you, but will gladly help you spread the word.

What to Think About Facebook’s Instant Articles

A lot of the buzz surrounding Facebook as of late is the launch of Facebook Instant Articles. This mobile-only platform is effectively raising the bar for content publishers by enabling you to create an incredibly rich, multi-layered approach to content that will amaze and engage.

Facebook Instant Articles are a new platform for publishing content on Facebook that load much faster than normal articles on Facebook, offer several multimedia enhancements that make this more of an experience than an article, and ultimately give the publisher far more control than they had previously.

But what can it do for me you ask? Well at the moment, it’s in a testing mode with only 9 publishers as part of the trial. (The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild) Facebook wants to eventually roll this out to anyone who wants to share stories, but that is not available at this time.

Some of the cool features of Facebook Instant Articles

  • Want to put in embedded tweets, YouTube videos, photos, image galleries, videos and interactive graphics directly into the posts? Not a problem! They will even start directly up, increasing time on site and engagement.
  • Need more detail? You can use the handy zoom feature to have a closer look into videos, images and maps.
  • Like what you see? You can Like or comment on pages directly inside the app!
  • Publish your own logos and Facebook Fan page follow buttons within the story.
  • Need more stats? Your Google Analytics integrate nicely with the articles.

Although Facebook Instant Articles are only in Beta mode now, Facebook wants to eventually roll this out to anyone who wants to share stories on Facebook. Facebook is allowing publishers who post sponsored content (like Buzzfeed) to have that content shared. (About the only way anyone not associated with the aforementioned 9 publishers can get their own content on there at the moment)

The look and feel of Facebook Instant Articles will mark a raising of the bar with regards to publishing content on the web, particularly the mobile web. Once people have seen the amazing versatility and engagement achievable with this platform, you’ll have a tough time getting them to settle for anything less.

Using LinkedIn

Check out LinkedIn’s Publishing Options

I’ll wager that when you consider publishing your content anywhere other than your site or blog your thoughts don’t usually wander to LinkedIn. Until last fall when the powerhouse social media networking site opened their platform to influencers to publish upon, no one else did either!

Now that it is open to the all LinkedIn users, it’s still somewhat of an afterthought among content marketers. This is a shame, because publishing on LinkedIn is pay dirt for content marketers who know how to use it effectively. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need to be putting great content onto this platform!

5 Reasons to post your content on LinkedIn!

To establish authority – Publishing before a community of professionals is a terrific way of becoming the thought leader you are seeking to be. This can help you in many ways, not only on LinkedIn in terms of added connections and influence, but in your industry and Google as well.

Syndicating your content – Being able to post content that you may have used on your blog a while ago is a good way to find a new readership. Many times the audience on LinkedIn will not have seen your content, and may be more inclined to give it a serious read, given the nature of the platform.

Getting your content before a targeted audience – This is a professional site populated and frequented by pros, and as such you will find a lot less of the fluff traffic that may otherwise come upon your content. This is accomplished by publishing before your connections, and to LinkedIn Groups for wider reach.

LinkedIn audiences are more engaged – The audiences on LinkedIn have shown to be more engaged , and love to ask questions, comment and even contact you if your content strikes a chord.

The possible viral effect – One way LinkedIn publishers hit it big is when their content starts to get some traction, LinkedIn often steps in and promotes it on of their Pulse category pages, and even better, sometimes on the home page itself! Achieve that and you’ll be well on your way to authority status on LinkedIn and off!


How to Market Your Business on Instagram

If you know any teenagers, or even anyone under thirty, you know that Instagram has taken over the planet. Not only that, but Facebook recently recognized this as well, and acquired the company. And while this may seem like a ripe opportunity for marketers, (it is) there are a few major differences you need to be aware of before attempting to market on Instagram.

The chief difference is the demographic of the site. There’s no getting around the fact that Instagram is the darling of the younger set, and if you’ve got a product or service that you market to the 15-28 crowd, you might have a winner here. If the majority of your target audience is 30 or older, you may find it more difficult. Another important factor to note is whether or not there are images on Instagram connected with your product. Sometimes the imagery just isn’t a good fit, and if that’s the case, you may not have a lot of success here.

Ways to effectively market on Instagram

Check out these 5 tips for marketing your business on Instagram.

  1. Use Video On Instagram – This newish feature in Instagram is similar to Vine, but their videos are a massive 15 seconds as opposed to 6. Significantly more canvas to paint on.
  2. Use lots of hashtags – While engagement drops significantly on Twitter if you use more than 2 hashtags, the opposite seems to be the norm for Instagram. Load them up!
  3. Don’t post incessantly – Unlike many other social networks less can be more here. You don’t want to fill up your follower’s feeds and be less special. Focus on a few times a week and post great content.
  4. Optimize your Instagram Profile – Like other social networks, you’ll need to make sure your business profile is complete and utterly devoted to finding you and doing business with you.
  5. Follow other brands on Instagram – Finding and following related brands on Instagram is a must. Fortunately there are some good tools that help with this, like Statigram.

Instagram is a social media monster with a few specific caveats. Follow these and you may discover a ravenous audience eager to do business with you.

Social Media 101

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t yet embraced the fact that you’ll be needing social media marketing from here forward, well, I hope you have a Plan B for your online survival. The truth is that social media is pervasive now in just about every facet of online marketing, and while the opportunity is great, so is the challenge.

With so many people gathering on the various social networks, it is imperative to go where the people are if you want to prosper in this social business environment. These days people look to their social media channels for affirmation and recommendation, and if you aren’t playing, you’re not in the game.

How to learn to use the various social media channels

There are a few major players that you simply must be on, and few others that might make a lot of sense given your market. The top five social media networks as of this writing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The next most significant will be sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. This seconds tier is more visually oriented, but drives loads of traffic that is very interested in buying.

You’ll need to know each network’s primary demographics in order to determine whether or not a particular network is right for your business.

Using social media sites for business

Cultivating audiences for your business through social media can be achieved far easier and faster than through traditional marketing if you are up to speed on how to make your reach exceed your current influence. This means understanding how to get involved, engaged and shared as widely and quickly as you can.

Your business can experience exponential growth if your social media is managed well and allowed to grow. There are a number of techniques for doing this, and as you might expect change is a constant.

Here is a great compilation of social media resources that will keep you busy for some time. One of our favorites on this list is the blog Social Media Examiner.

Once you determine which direction you want to take with your business, jump in with excitement and determination. It will be rewarded!

7 Great Tips for Your Facebook Business Paqes

By this time most small businesses have gotten the news that if you want any significant amount of social media traffic coming to your site then you have to have a Facebook business page. However it’s simply not good enough to put up a page and patiently wait for the Facebook hordes to arrive.

You’ll have to actually make this a marketing channel if you want the best results, and the best part about it is that it can and often does pay off handsomely. To help you we’ve narrowed down 7 tips for helping to maximize your Facebook business page.

7 Tips to help get better Facebook business page results

  1. Use the new Call to action feature – Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows you to insert a call to action in your posts. Be sure and use it!
  2. Schedule posts – Whether you do this inside of Facebook (preferred) or use a tool like Hootsuite or SproutSocial, scheduling posts ahead of time takes the pressure off, and allows you to post more spontaneously as well.
  3. Post the type of posts they’re looking for – Check in the Posts section of your settings and look under post types to see the kind of posts that are doing best with your audience. It breaks it down into status updates, photos and videos.
  4. Post often – Posting at least daily is wise, as it helps you stay engaged with your followers and fans, and helps you build authority in your space.
  5. Like, comment and share as your page – Liking and sharing other relevant business pages can help increase your fans, as well as help you find potential partners. Always do this as your Page, and not personally.
  6. Show off testimonials and awards – Your business page is an ideal spot to share any positive attention your business is getting. And when this gets shared.
  7. Share your site and other properties – Make sure to frequently point your audience to other web properties you own, including your site, video, YouTube channel and more.

Making your Facebook business page work for you isn’t hard, but does require some effort. The payoff can be so worth it though.