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Text Messaging For Auto Body Shops

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Test Messaging Features

Unlimited Users
Get your entire company text messaging with customers and each other.

Increase mobile engagement and track leads through your website, Google ads, Instagram, and more.

Picture (MMS) Messaging
Use our text message system for business to send and receive pictures, GIFs, and more.

Mobile App
Take our business messaging service wherever you go using our iOS and Android apps.

Message Forwarding
Forward messages to other numbers from your Text Request dashboard.

Archived Contacts
Hide all records of a contact; reactivate them if ever needed.

Upload Contacts
Easily import and export lists of contacts.

Create and schedule automated replies to inbound messages.

Custom Signatures
Create custom signatures to personalize your messages, available to all users.

Saved Responses (Canned Messages)
Create stock messages to better handle frequent conversations.

Download, Print Conversations
Download partial or entire text conversations. Save them to your computer or print them for your records.

Message Search
Search all your messages easily by phrase, contact, time frame, and more.

Unlimited Record History
Record every message and contact in Text Request permanently.

Unlimited Contacts
Keep as many active or inactive contacts as you want (for free).

Unlimited Reports
Run reports on tagged messages and Click-to-Text leads for valuable insights.

Message Tracking
Get real-time updates on every message you send.

Customizable Settings
Tailor our company texting service to your needs with customizable settings and preferences.

Build subscriber lists, request reviews and send messages based on keyword opt-ins.

Multi-Language Support
Text Request supports every known language, so you can communicate with anyone anywhere.

Emojis and Emoticons
Send and receive emojis professionally through Text Request.

Landline Texting
Add Text Request to your current landline, toll-free, or VOIP number.

Hassle-Free Compliance
Send compliant messages every time with our automated STOP function.

Fee 30 Day Trial

Text Bill using the text widget lower right side of this page, or click this button!