Facebook Marketing Tips

4 Tips for Using Facebook in your Content Marketing

It's simply not possible if you've been marketing for any amount of time that you haven't been advised that Facebook, and social media in general, is essential to your online success. I would say that's totally true, but with one major caveat: you must know how to use it, or you'll come away believing that it is a useless time-wasting exercise in futility.

Let's look for a moment at why Facebook is just flat out perfect as a content marketing platform, and see 4 tips on how you can make the most of it quickly and easily.

Why is Facebook a Content Marketing Machine?

There are a handful of reasons, and they're huge. The first is that they have proven themselves to stay on the forefront of all the latest developments regarding online marketing.

In video alone it's believed they are now getting a paltry 4 billion views a day, definitely giving YouTube a run for their money.

Combine this with their mobile capabilities, and you have a prescription for the future of marketing online. Want proof? Facebook owns 4 of the top 8 non-gaming apps in the Apple Store, with the Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

Four Tips for Content Marketing on Facebook

Employ visual media - Using videos and images in your content marketing on Facebook is an incredible way to get your content shared. It's well known how visual Facebook users are, and tapping into this whenever possible is definitely a good idea.

Brief posts rule - Since it's clear that shorter Facebook posts do far better, (60% better engagement than longer ones!) do yourself a favor and don't get verbose. Save that for the content you may be leading them to!

Use Facebook paid ads - Facebook is becoming the paid ads weapon of choice, primarily because of their terrific targeting functionality. This is good, as you'll want to use them to promote, and try your best not to get overly promotional in your content, as Facebook has pretty much declared war on brands promoting within posts, without paying for ads.

Promote blog posts on Facebook - One of the best tactics you can use is to announce new content, such as new blog posts via Facebook. This could easily drive loads of new visitors to your blog, and have them take the first step into your sales funnels!

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