Effective Blog Marketing for Local Business Owners

Organic reach can take some time, so even though seo is imperative, you must take other proactive measures. This is why you should utilize other marketing platforms to get the blog noticed.

Change Keyword Usage

While a bookstore would be remiss to not use “bookstore” as a keyword, it is essential to remember the competition for such a common term. Instead, local business owners should put a heavy target on long tail keywords.

Instead of just “bookstore,” the company should use “book stores in Miami,” “used book stores in Sacramento” or something similar. These long tail keywords are better in a world where common speech is used in search, thanks to Siri, and local marketing is essential.

Build Guest Posts

It can be difficult for a company to get its content seen on a large scale, but this is less complicated if they create guest blogs. Take your best content and submit it to industry leading blogs that embrace guest posts. While the industry blog will get most of the traffic, it will undoubtedly bring a tremendous amount your way as well.

Use Other Marketing Resources to Promote Blogs

While specializing in strong seo strategies will help your blog get noticed, it is essential to remember that organic reach can take time. This makes promoting your blog on other platforms significant.

Whenever you put up a new post, share it directly to social media. Spend some time to send out an email newsletter for especially interesting blogs as well. The best way to get the word out is to use the tools already at your disposal.

Statistics show that you are 13 times more likely to see a favourable return on investment if you prioritize blogging. With these sorts of numbers, it is obvious that blogging is a fundamental marketing tactic. And if you can get the word out with the aforementioned ideas, taking the time to jot down a blog can really pay off.

Low Cost Marketing

Turning Shoestring Marketing Into Countless Value

With only a great piece of content and the appropriate social media know-how, you can do plenty of marketing with little money. Don’t let a small budget restrict your reach.

Generate Shareable Content

The method of gaining huge returns on affordable content is to make it go viral. This is clearly easier in theory, but it is certainly not impossible. You first have to make your content shareable. Again, easier said than done, nonetheless it becomes easier when adopting the recipe for viral content.

Social Currency




Practical Value


Think Beyond Facebook

Sacrificing a couple of ad dollars on Facebook certainly will help turn your site content viral. Its also wise to utilize Twitter which can oftentimes return precisely the same result at no cost. It begins with seeking out trusted voices in your industry and following them on Twitter.

Watch to find out which individuals take the time to retweet and reply to tweets. They are the influencers you need to focus on. Tag these folks when sharing your concentrated content and hope they will think it is fantastic enough to share. It is usually a smart idea to test run a piece of content on Facebook to check shareability before trying it out on influencers.

Think Beyond the Social Media Box Altogether

Even though Facebook and Twitter are clearly powerful applications,it is essential to break away from these limitations. Sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon can drive just as much, or even more, traffic than typical social media giants. StumbleUpon, for example, recently made up over half of the internet’s referral traffic.

By using social media and producing great content, you can make the littlest marketing budget do wonders. We should never accept the fallacy that economical somehow equals cheap.

What’s Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

Website Traffic Mistakes

Are You Making Any of These 7 Traffic and Conversion Mistakes?

We often mistakenly think it’s our offer or possibly pricing that’s the issue when it comes to our dwindling traffic and or conversions, while in fact it might be something far more mundane and fixable.

You might be surprised to find out that much of the time it’s our own fault traffic and conversions are lacking, and often because of very simple ways we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

So to help with this, we’ve unearthed 7 ways you may be unwittingly smothering your own traffic and conversions.

7 Ways to Sabotage your Traffic And Conversions

Site Duplicate Pages – First understand that Google hates duplicate content. They will punish your pages and perhaps your entire site if this is found in abundance. The main culprit is identical body content on multiple pages, even though they have different URLs and title tags. Strive to create unique content for each page you want to index.

Slow Page Loads – If your pages load slowly, you can count on your visitors bailing out of there as fast as possible, You have but a short few seconds, (some studies show less than 4!) to grab their attention and interest them. If you page won’t load in that time, adios!

Not Mobile-Friendly – If your pages are not mobile ready you deserve to not have any traffic or conversions. Over half of all Web traffic in 2015 is coming from a mobile device. What, you don’t want those people?

Your On-Page SEO Has Issues – Your Google rankings often depend largely on your on-page SEO, and if you have issues in this area, it’s high time to correct them. These may include poor page loads, missing or poorly done title and description tags, and image optimization.

Social Media Absent – Social media plays a part in not only traffic, reputation and web reach, but social signals can also impact your search rankings. Make it easy to share your pages socially across all important channels.

Poor Keyword Usage – Not optimizing your pages with one primary keyword and a bunch of secondary, (LSI) keywords is a prime reason why Google may not be able to properly index and send traffic to your pages.

Too Many Hoops to Jump Through – Lastly, if you have forms you expect people to fill out in order to get a conversion, whether it is a mere opt-in or a sale, asking them to give you too much information is a conversion killer. Request only what you absolutely need, and no more!

Low Budget Online Marketing

How to Market your Auto Body Shop Online with a Low Budget

In order for any small business to remain relevant and competitive in today’s competition business environment, it requires a reasonable and viable marketing strategy.

Luckily for us today it’s easier than ever to market your business online. That said, marketing a small business with a small budget can be a bit challenging. Free and low cost takes more time and effort, but the opportunities are there. Let’s focus on some basic, effective and best of all inexpensive ways to market your small business.

Use Social Media – Social media has significantly changed all facets of human life. Due to the millions of social media active users, social media has developed into a honeypot for many small businesses. The first step towards harvesting the benefits of marketing in social media is opening social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. One of the ways of ensuring that you effectively use social media avenues in your marketing plan is via posting engaging, relevant, and informative content.

Set Up a Website – Websites play a center role in marketing and advertising small businesses. If you don’t have a website, putting one up would be a judicious move. However, if you don’t have enough money to hire a designer, perhaps engage a student to put up a simple WordPress site on your own domain with your own web hosting. This will at least ensure you are building an asset for your company. Never choose to put your business on a platform you don’t own.

Use Business Cards – Another ineffective way of marketing your small business is via using business cards. Giving out your business card can help you land new clients. Make them tactilely impressive, and visually appealing.

Be a Presence at Local Events – Even if your business is not locally-oriented, showing up and giving a face to your business will net you many more leads than you thought possible. You never know who the person you network with today will end up being tomorrow. (And don’t forget to bring those new business cards!)

Content Marketing

Learn How to Scale your Content Even if it’s Only You Doing It!

We all know the buzz surrounding content marketing as a way to help search rankings, receive direct traffic, links and more. There’s no question about the usefulness and advantages of this marketing method, and one would ignore this avenue at their own peril.

That is, unless, they’re a one-man gang, tasked with doing all the other aspects of an online business. Then the task becomes quite daunting indeed. These folks look with unbridled envy at companies with specialized staff members producing innovative, original content in its many forms, and wonder how they can find the time to make this happen for their own business.

Now that we’ve got the proper anxiety worked up, let me assure you there is a way to scale your content without going crazy. It will require a bit of organization and planning, but let’s jump in and show you what you need to do.

5 Killer tips for scaling content without a staff!

Use a Content Marketing Calendar – This tool can help you in many ways. By planning out at least 6 months ahead, you can easily work with product launches, marketing events and more. This can be as simple as a spreadsheet, and there are numerous samples available to look at on the Web.

Curate content – Don’t forget to take advantage of content curation, where you publish valuable pieces you discover on the Web to your audience as well, (attributing them!) while offering your own insights and takeaways at the same time. This is a great way to build your own authority in Google’s eyes, and it takes a LOT less time to accomplish!

Don’t be afraid to outsource – One easy way to get some help is to outsource a portion of the work. Even though this is an added expense, it’s not as much as you might think, and will help you tackle areas in which you may not have a lot of expertise, such as video, images and more.

Repurpose your content – Just because it’s a terrific blog post doesn’t mean it can’t be a just as compelling video, slideshow, email series or social media snippet. Use your imagination and utilize your content for more than the original purpose.

Content promotion – Don’t think that when it’s published you’re done. A large part of the effectiveness of content marketing lies in spreading the word, and when you send out new content, let the world know via your social media channels, and even paid promotion if it’s worth it you.

Tackling the task of scaling your content by yourself can indeed be intimidating, but also can be done with a little planning and strategy.

Landing Pages

How to Make Your Landing Pages Convert Better

Even though most marketers will move heaven and earth to optimize the smallest of details on their websites, getting them to pay the same amount of attention to landing page optimization is a tall task indeed. And yet these will be the same people who will wonder why their landing pages don’t convert as well as they think they should.

There are some particular best practices you’ll need to make sure you are following to get the best results you can. Let’s have a look at 5 of these, and see if you can’t improve the performance of your landing pages!

5 Tips for optimizing your landing pages

Responsive design – Since today’s traffic is more than 50% mobile, this one thing can make a huge difference in how well your landing page converts. If your offer doesn’t render well, or worse doesn’t load at all, you’ve lost before you’ve started. Be sure that your pages are mobile ready.

Write great headlines – This is your first, and possibly only chance to hook your visitors into reading on and absorbing your offer. Studies are showing that you have something south of 5 seconds to make this connection, or they are out of there. Study how to create awesome headlines, and test several.

Clear Call to Action – Make it abundantly clear what you want the reader to do. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, why and what they need to do next to get the benefits you’ve so eloquently laid out for them. This is a major area for testing.

Use social proof – People are given to following the crowd, so if you have testimonials, reviews or product endorsements go ahead and find a way to get some of these in front of your audience. Your conversions will improve if you do.

Test – Simple A/B testing can do as much for your conversion rates as all else combined. Be bloody-minded about this, and make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Don’t be afraid to kill off that clever headline you thought would rock, but testing doesn’t agree with you. Numbers don’t lie!

Raising Start Up Funds

See the 7 Questions You Need Answers to Before Soliciting Startup Funds

When starting a new business, at some point you’re probably going to have to raise funds for it, and if you’re like most of us, you haven’t a clue regarding the types of questions you’ll need answers to, both for your business and for your potential investors.

Potential investors will want to know your answers also, and rather than head into the process unprepared, let’s help make you more ready by listing at least some of the important questions you’ll want to have answers to.

7 Questions that need answers for startup funding

How much capital do you need? – Having a clear idea about how much capital you will need obviously simplifies the task considerably. Evaluate what your costs are going to be, and understand that it always costs more!

What will it cost you? – What are you willing to offer for this money? Is it going to be shares of your company, and how much is that? 10%? 25%? This is something you need a firm grasp on, and at least initially not be swayed from.

When do you have to pay it back? – When will you be expected to repay this investment? Are the terms you’ll receive conducive to running your business while doing so? How much strain will this produce on the business?

What’s the growth plan? – This is a significant factor your investors and you should both be interested in. Together with the growth plan a time frame is expected.

What are you willing to risk? – Are you willing to put up equity (other than sweat equity) in your startup? This can sometimes make it easier for others to see their way clear to invest.

How much input do you want? – Making it crystal clear from the start how much outside input is welcome is a good idea. Many investors really want nothing to do with this, but there are others…

Can you name your target audience? – Having the ability to clearly identify your ideal customers is a comforting sign to prospective investors. It goes a long way toward helping them know that you really do have a handle on your business!

Get Website Traffic

Choose the Right Kind of Traffic for Your Site

Probably the chief complaint heard among people attempting to run a business online is that they simply don’t have enough traffic.

While this is no doubt true, the methodology they use to try and remedy this situation is entirely faulty. The reality is, there are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic to your pages, some quite easy. However whether or not this traffic does you any good is another question entirely.

What is really needed is traffic from your specific audience. If you are simply trying to get the most visitors you can, you’re missing the boat here. You have to be advertising and otherwise visible where your particular audience hangs out, so you can interest them. Let’s consider several steps to take toward this goal.

Pre-Thinking your traffic campaign

Before you begin to spend money or time, get great answers to these questions.

  • Just who is your audience? – Understanding your ideal customer demographic is a important key to advertising effectively. What are the ages, sex and interests of your customer avatar? You need to know this to do the best job you possibly can.
  • Where do they hang out? – Knowing where your audience congregates is great intelligence you need to have. This may be on a particular social network, industry forum, or other popular site.
  • What tools will you use? – Tools like Alexa for demographic information about a particular site is useful. One of the fastest and best ways to gather info about your audience is through Facebook’s Audience Insights. It’s free if you have an ad account, which is also free. This tool provides you with so much actionable info it’s ridiculous.

Okay, next step?

So now that you’ve gathered your data, you need to decide what traffic method will work best for your given audience. That may be Facebook ads, or ads on LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Perhaps a content marketing campaign aimed at securing search rankings for your keywords. Or maybe a video marketing initiative.

Whichever method it ends up being, the point is to make sure you have targeted your audience as best you can BEFORE you begin to market. It’s all about finding the best return on your investment you can!

Tumblr For Business

Utilize the Popularity of Tumblr in Your Business

What if if I told you that you can build your own Web presence on a site that gets north of 300 million unique visitors each month, is great for SEO, and is a unique social media platform on top of that, all for free?

Tumblr is basically a blog platform that is surprisingly useful for visual content. You can customize your own blog easily and integrate sharing to your other social media channels easily.

Most marketers have seen Tumblr just as an afterthought, content to focus on the big five of social media, Facebook Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Tumblr is a uniquely positioned platform with a decidedly young and hip demographic. It is huge with respect to visual content; it practically invented the wholesale use of memes. The blog is easy to set up and extremely customizable. Let’s consider a few ways you can market your business with Tumblr.

3 Suggestions for marketing your business with Tumblr

Create content your audience loves – While this may see obvious, with Tumblr there is a certain style, or rather an accommodation for style that makes the best blogs. Reposting your latest Facebook status update will generally get a yawn here, whereas the edgy, bold posts or images you might be hesitant to use elsewhere can find an audience on Tumblr.

Create your own memes – Don’t just repost what others have done; create a message with your own memes that deliver your content in an innovative fashion. Strive for brand consistency, but live large here, as it will pay off. Tumblr is a visual content candy store, so do your best to stand out.

Connect socially with your account – Building a following on Tumblr requires a few steps, among them following other relevant blogs on Tumblr, (use a keyword search on the site to find them) commenting favoriting, and reblogging interesting posts, along with making sure you link to your Tumblr blog from your other social media channels.

If Tumblr turns out to be a site you’ve heretofore not utilized, we’re here to tell you that there is a wealth of opportunity there, with a built-in, enthusiastic crowd that loves to share. Sounds like a recipe for success to me!

Four Great Online Tools

4 Tools that Can Help With Productivity in 2015

Most of us really like tools, especially when they save you a lot of time and money. That’s the best and highest use of these powerful tools, to give us the information we need to make changes that can have a real difference in our businesses.

There are a lot of great tools to choose from, and it can be more than a little daunting just figuring out what you need. In addition to that, some are hard to use, and involve a huge learning curve.

Perhaps your concerns lie in understanding what your site needs in order to rank better, or what your competition is up to. Or it could be it’s social media, and how to keep up with that monster. Whatever it is, there’s probably a tool to help. Below we have 4 very cool tools that will help with these tasks, and get you further down the road to higher revenues.

4 Tools to improve productivity in your business

Canva – Not quite the Photoshop expert you should be and don’t have the time or resources to learn it? No worries, there’s a free solution you can use called Canva. Canva helps you create awesome graphics using a simple interface anyone can use. No learning curve, and like I said, it’s free!

SproutSocial – One of the best social media analytics tools available, SproutSocial helps you not only post and engage with your social audience, but understand where the traffic and buzz is coming from and why.

Moz – Monitor your site’s progress using this comprehensive and easy to use suite of analytics tools, showing you keywords, rankings, competition and a lot more. Moz has long been a wealth of important information and intelligence regarding online marketing, and this shows no signs of changing.

Mention – Want to know what people are saying when it comes to you and your brand? You can track keywords, brand mentions and more from nearly any device, and also discover the sentiment of the mention, in order to save you time and reputation.

The objective of tools like these in not only to provide you with information that would otherwise be difficult to gather, but also to provide more time back in your day for other marketing activities. Make sure to take full advantage of this!