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Learn How to Scale your Content Even if it's Only You Doing It!

We all know the buzz surrounding content marketing as a way to help search rankings, receive direct traffic, links and more. There's no question about the usefulness and advantages of this marketing method, and one would ignore this avenue at their own peril.

That is, unless, they're a one-man gang, tasked with doing all the other aspects of an online business. Then the task becomes quite daunting indeed. These folks look with unbridled envy at companies with specialized staff members producing innovative, original content in its many forms, and wonder how they can find the time to make this happen for their own business.

Now that we've got the proper anxiety worked up, let me assure you there is a way to scale your content without going crazy. It will require a bit of organization and planning, but let's jump in and show you what you need to do.

5 Killer tips for scaling content without a staff!

Use a Content Marketing Calendar - This tool can help you in many ways. By planning out at least 6 months ahead, you can easily work with product launches, marketing events and more. This can be as simple as a spreadsheet, and there are numerous samples available to look at on the Web.

Curate content - Don't forget to take advantage of content curation, where you publish valuable pieces you discover on the Web to your audience as well, (attributing them!) while offering your own insights and takeaways at the same time. This is a great way to build your own authority in Google's eyes, and it takes a LOT less time to accomplish!

Don't be afraid to outsource - One easy way to get some help is to outsource a portion of the work. Even though this is an added expense, it's not as much as you might think, and will help you tackle areas in which you may not have a lot of expertise, such as video, images and more.

Repurpose your content - Just because it's a terrific blog post doesn't mean it can't be a just as compelling video, slideshow, email series or social media snippet. Use your imagination and utilize your content for more than the original purpose.

Content promotion - Don't think that when it's published you're done. A large part of the effectiveness of content marketing lies in spreading the word, and when you send out new content, let the world know via your social media channels, and even paid promotion if it's worth it you.

Tackling the task of scaling your content by yourself can indeed be intimidating, but also can be done with a little planning and strategy.

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