Why Use Pay Per Click

1. Immediate Results

Unlike SEO and the Organic traffic it creates, the impact PPC has on your site’s traffic is immediate. Although it does take time to seed, if implemented by an expert, it gives that quick shot of caffeine that trigger new marketing campaigns.

2. Millions Of Potential Customers

According to Search Engine Watch over 400 million searches are conducted on Google everyday. Each one of these searches represents a potential new customer for your business which can be reached by PPC advertising

3. Bigger bang For Your Buck

Unlike other online advertising, with PPC you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your site. You are not paying for tire kickers – you are paying for potential customer who are in the mood to buy. Caveat: the web pages they are sent to must be compelling and relevant to what they are searching for.

4. Budget Friendly

PPC campaigns allow you to determine exactly how much you want to spend each day on your online advertising. The campaign management system inherent to Google Adwords guarantees that you’ll never go over budget…and you can pause and restart you campaigns at any time.

5. Target Your Perfect Customer

Your ad is visible only to people typing one of your keywords into the search box which means you effectively attract only the most relevant and qualified prospects.

6. Results Improve With Time

Stats highlighted in detailed performance reports give sufficient information to allow for the perpetual fine-tuning of your campaign…which results in improved ROI.

7. Perfect For Your Small Business

PPC levels the playing field by allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach huge audiences by purchasing advertising spots right along with market leaders without breaking the bank. Want a Free PPC Audit of your current Adwords campaign? Get your free audit here.

How to Use PPC for Local Business

So is pay per click (PPC) advertising not for local business? We think it is actually, and we have several points that you ought to consider when you decide for yourself if it’s a good fit for your local business.

Let’s look a variety of pros and a few cons for PPC ads, and give you a framework for deciding if they’re right for you.

Here are some of the pros of PPC for local business

  • Can be done on a modest budget – You have the ability to monitor and control costs, and you can start with very little. On the other hand, getting a professional SEO can be quite costly.
  • Doesn’t take and as long to get results – You can get almost instant results. With SEO, it can take months or years for things to fully pan out, and in that time Google will have changed the SEO algorithm a few times and you’ll need to do it all again!
  • Can help you dominate first page results – Even if you’re fortunate enough to have page one rankings, PPC ads appearing there also will provide you with that much more share of the pie.
  • Easier to specifically target your audience – By specifically targeting keywords, you can go after the actual audience you desire.
  • Trackable and measurable – The analytics you can access with your PPC platform provide you with immediate and invaluable intelligence as to what’s working and what’s not. This is especially true with keywords.
  • Can actually help SEO – While the search algorithm is a secret, empirical evidence signifies that traffic and social interaction play a sizeable role in search rankings.

The cons to using PPC for a local business are basically three:

  • Learning Curve – Each of the major PPC platforms, Google, Facebook and Bing, all have their quirks, and you need to know this information to run effective campaigns.
  • Costs – You’ll need a budget, and your efforts and revenues will be dictated by the size of it. Also, you’ll need discipline to not spend through your ad budget on an unprofitable campaign, and know when to end it.
  • Keywords research – Essential for PPC. You’ll either want to do this yourself or outsource it to someone who knows how.

PPC can be a terrific plus for a local business. Just take care to watch costs and give time for learning.

Pay Per Click Answers

Should Your Small Business Be Using PPC Ads?

A lot of small business owners may have never considered the possibility of using pay per click ads for marketing their local business. That’s unfortunate, because there are several advantages to doing this.

Let’s take a little time to look at four reasons why it’s important for you to consider utilizing pay per click ads for your small business.

Four terrific reasons why PPC works well in local marketing

You’ll get almost immediate traffic – While it can take lots of time and much effort to acquire a top organic search engine result, with PPC it can be fairly instantaneous. Set up your campaign properly and you can have targeted visitors within minutes. Not only that, you also benefit from the considerable amount of data that this generates, items such as keyword effectiveness, which ads are working and a lot more.

Own more search engine real estate – While you might be doing well on the organic side, with a page one listing for at least one page, wouldn’t it be awesome to own a top PPC listing on that same page as well. Not only that, it didn’t take years to acquire either. This can help in several ways, among them pushing competitors down or off the page, and helping to solidify your brand in the minds of consumers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools at your disposal, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or many other factors.

You can use remarketing – You’ve almost certainly had this happen to you; you’re searching and you see the same ads appearing. It’s no coincidence: the ad networks are following you with ads you have expressed an interest in. Although it may seem a bit like stalking, remarketing is a fact of online advertising life, and you might as well get your services and products in front of interested eyes as much as you can. Final point here is, it works extremely well!