Why Use Pay Per Click

1. Immediate ResultsUnlike SEO and the Organic traffic it creates, the impact PPC has on your site’s traffic is immediate. Although it does take time to seed, if implemented by an expert, it gives that quick shot of caffeine that trigger new marketing campaigns.2. Millions Of Potential CustomersAccording to Search Engine Watch over 400 million searches are conducted on Google everyday. Each one of these searches represents a potential new customer for your business which can be reached by PPC advertising3. Bigger bang For Your BuckUnlike other online advertising, with PPC you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your site. You are not paying for tire kickers – you are paying for potential customer who are in the mood to buy. Caveat: the web pages they are sent to must be compelling and relevant to what they are searching for.4. Budget FriendlyPPC campaigns allow you to determine exactly how much you want to spend each day on your online advertising. The campaign management system inherent to Google Adwords guarantees that you’ll never go over budget…and you can pause and restart you campaigns at any time.5. Target Your Perfect CustomerYour ad is visible only to people typing one of your keywords into the search box which means you effectively attract only the most relevant and qualified prospects.6. Results Improve With TimeStats highlighted in detailed performance reports give sufficient information to allow for the perpetual fine-tuning of your campaign…which results in improved ROI.7. Perfect For Your Small BusinessPPC levels the playing field by allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach huge audiences by purchasing advertising spots right along with market leaders without breaking the bank. Want a Free PPC Audit of your current Adwords campaign? Get your free audit here.

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