Three out of every four businesses that use email marketing say it offers either a “good” or “excellent” return on investment. For the rest, they might be doing something wrong, so it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a third-party marketing professional to help. When doing so, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to help grow your email list. In fact, doing this will make the marketer’s endeavors even more fruitful.

1. Offer Something in Return

There’s no doubt that every company, band, actor or anyone else with a brand has devoted fans who would sign up for emails “just because.” In most instances, however, consumers will want some form of incentive to hand over their information. This could be anything from “One Free Entrée on Your Birthday!” to “Get Notified First When We Have Secret Sales.” As long as people feel they’re getting something out of it, they’re likely to sign up for your emails.

2. Create Useful Gateway Content

Gateway content is a video, white paper, or other form of content that consumers typically must sign up for to receive in their email. This type of content doesn’t work well in every industry, but for others, it’s a powerful marketing tool. It’s important to remember, though, that the content must be very useful. If consumers or other businesses can find the information free online – without signing up for anything – then it’s not a good idea to use a content gateway.

3. Run an Online Contest

Incentivizing an email signup doesn’t necessarily mean giving everyone something for free. Instead, many companies hold periodic online contests where the prizes are so impressive that people more than willingly give up their email information. While there may be an initial cost to such strategies, the return on investment thanks to new signups is typically worth it.

Unlike other aging technologies, email is still going strong, and it’s likely to continue that way well into the future. This is why budding entrepreneurs should never overlook their email marketing, and if they can keep their list growing, they’ll keep seeing success over the years.

eMail Meets Social Media

Integrating Social Media with your Email Marketing

Email and social media are two of the biggest weapons marketers have, and many are still unaware how to make them work well in concert together. They are complementary tools, and syncing them up can deliver results that you may not have believed possible.

So how exactly can we combine the massive reach of social media with the functionality and marketing potential of email? Here are 3 tips to get these two working well together.

3 Tips on how to Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media

Deploy social media sharing icons in your emails – This really is easy to do, and can yield great results. Facebook and Twitter users are the best at sharing your emails, between 30-40% for every 100 emails opened. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are tops for clicks on shared emails, averaging between 6.2 % (Facebook) and 7.9% (LinkedIn). Make sure you have these visible and prominent in your emails, because you want to encourage your readers to share. You’ll be surprised at just how many are willing to do so.

Collect opt-ins from Facebook and Twitter – A relatively new addition to both Facebook and Twitter is the capability to generate email signups directly from the platforms. You’ll need something enticing to give away, whether that is an ebook, whitepaper, webinar, video or something else. It is free on both platforms, (though you will be the Twitter ad troll to do this, but you don’t have to buy ads) and you can reach an entire new audience apart from your email list.

Use Retargeting Campaigns on your Social Networks – While retargeting is the trendiest way to increase revenue, you can optimize this type of marketing by building retargeting lists of people who’ve clicked links in your emails, and thus get an audience to whom you can send ads and has already shown an interest in your offers. Sort of retargeting on steroids. Facebook and Twitter are the best places to try this tactic just now.

Use these 3 tactics for integrating email and social media and soon you’ll be harvesting the best of both worlds!

More Website Visitors

See How to Leverage Your Email Lists into Greater Blog Traffic

One thing we could all use is more visitors to our blogs. We know the power of blogging, and understand that content is indeed King, so it naturally follows that we want as many people as possible to benefit from the content on our blogs.

With many choices for delivering visitors to your pages, it’s very easy to skip what is probably the best way available: improving the size and scope of your email subscriber list.

Building your list while at the same time getting more visitors to your blog is the best of both worlds. Let’s look at first how to collect subscribers, and after that the best way to utilize this technique for greatest effect.

The mechanics of building a larger subscriber base

There are basics to making sure you’re doing the best job you can collecting new emails. Here are just a few…

  • Put opt-in forms on your pages; all of them!
  • Consider employing an exit popup
  • Offer a free resource to get people to sign up
  • Run an ad campaign to your offer page
  • Conduct a webinar
  • Use video marketing

Use the methods you are most familiar with and get started! Running paid ads and videos will give you the fastest results. Make list building a lifetime-of-your-business priority.

How to use your list to drive traffic to your blog

The first and by far the easiest way to use your list to generate more traffic to your blog is by sending them a simple email. This email requires only a few things: a captivating subject line, a few lines or highlights of your post, and several inks that take them directly there.

This presupposes that you’re creating terrific content that needs to be seen. Even though it can take a while to build up enough critical mass to make this look like the tsunami of traffic it can be, you have to start somewhere.

Use images, videos, and outright bribes if necessary to get the click through to your blog. Enable social media buttons and actively encourage sharing and forwarding.

The benefits of this type of action are several. You’ll get immediate direct traffic, and over time your posts will rank better in the search engine results and you’ll be getting loads of new incoming backlinks to your pages.

Sounds like a win-win all around, right?

Get Your eMails Opened

Check Out The Type of Subject Lines that Get Opened the Most!

It’s a well-known fact that emails that don’t get opened never get acted on. Now that we’ve had our daily thought from Capt. Obvious, it’s time to really look at what types of email subject lines can lead to higher open rates and subsequently, more actions taken on your offers and content.

Your task is to know which these are and use them and resist the urge to get clever and try and employ clickbait and other tactics that may in fact work against you. It’s far better to deal in truth, and make use of proven subject line types that employ sound principles to get your emails opened. Here are 7 of the top opened types of email subject lines.

7 Email subject lines that consistently get higher open rates!

Benefit: Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Benefit laden subject lines usually suggest a promise, often with an element of time involved. (Everyone also wants it yesterday!) An example would be “Create a second income stream in less than 30 days!”

Ask Questions: By doing so you’re begging a response that often gets answered by them opening the email to find the answer. “Do you really have time to do all this work yourself?”

How-To: Information is golden, and assuming your audience is the least bit interested in your subject, many will want to find out “How to make a Killer Bacon Omelette in 7 Minutes and 15 Seconds!”

Targeted: If you can target by either name or particular interest, you’ll cut right to the chase: “Only open if you’re an investor sick of paying too much for trades!”

Lists and Tips: In this day and age of zero time for tasks, helpful lists trick and infographics work wonders for your open rates. It’s a simple way to do research for the time-challenged.

Employ Superlatives: The words “Fastest”, “Easiest” and “Best” when injected into your subject lines are enticing for those who want the knowledge but haven’t the time or know-how to search for it.

Answers: Frequently email subject lines that provide answers for common questions in your market are top openers. “10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Paid What You’re Worth!”

Try using some of these types of subject lines and see your open rates soar!

eMail List Building

Expand Your Email List Using These 7 Great Tips

Cultivating and expanding your customer and prospect email lists are the one sure way to ensure a long lasting success with your business. Since it’s been shown that your email list loses about 22% over a year’s time, it’s up to you to continually be building and adding news subscribers and nurturing the ones you already have.

So what are some ways to grow your list? Here are 7 suggestions for adding large numbers of new subscribers to your lists and helping your business prosper.

7 Tips for growing your email lists

Make your offers irresistible – Be sure that your lead magnet is a valuable, gotta-have-it incentive. You should really be able to offer it for sale, it’s that good. The bottom line is, the better it is the more subscribers you’ll get.

Write incredible emails – Make it your business to write the best emails ever. People will look forward to seeing your name in the “From” column and eagerly devour your information. If you’re at least shooting for something like that, you’ll do fine.

Encourage sharing – Along those lines employ social media buttons and encourage your readers to share and forward the emails to other people. You’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Use Facebook’s new Call to Action feature – You’re now able to insert a call to action button on your Facebook posts. Take advantage of this by sending them to a landing page of your choosing and getting them signed up there.

Use paid ads to drive leads to a landing page – Low-cost paid ads and retargeting can reap many signups for your lead magnet. Don’t discount this one!

Consider Lightboxes – When the subject of popup boxes crops up, most people shake their heads “No”! But the fact is they work. And are very effective. Make it your business to make them not overly annoying and not staying there forever, and you’ll win using them.

Host webinars to collect leads – One of the dirty secrets of collecting email leads is that you can grow large lists by having people sign up for a free webinar.

There you have it, 7 ways to help grow your list. Use them to help your business stay in business for a long time.

Welcome Email Content

What elements do you need to have in a welcome email?

You know the routine: you opt-in to someone’s mailing list, and soon you receive a confirmation email from them, welcoming you to the list, newsletter or whatever you just signed up for. The fact that we are expecting these emails is a major reason why they are usually opened. But how does the sender craft these emails for best results?

There are a number of best practices that not only will get you off on the right foot with your new subscribers, but will help them understand and better use your services and products.

Here are 7 ways you can optimize your welcome emails to set the stage for a long lasting, profitable relationship.

7 Ways to craft effective welcome emails

Send out immediately – Send these out immediately. Don’t wait to batch send your welcome emails. A study by Experian found that welcome emails sent out individually rather than by batch were opened 10X more! Show you care about them signing up.

Use a working email address – Using a no-reply email address will only do one thing for you: give you a no-response customer. People are going to want to email you. Don’t make it hard.

Test subject lines – Email autoresponder software makes it very easy to split-test subject lines. Do this for better open rates!

Encourage social media – Exhort your readers to follow you on social media, and make it easy for them by installing links and/or buttons on your email template.

Personalize – It’s always best if you’re trying to develop some sort of customer relationship with your subscribers that you personalize the emails if at all possible. This of course means you’ll need to collect names.

Consider offering an incentive – A lot of companies opt to send along a coupon or other incentive as a welcome gift. Not a bad idea, and can move relationship from a subscriber to a buyer swiftly.

Make sure to optimize for mobile – Since about half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, it would be a good idea to make sure you are using a responsive design so that your emails can be opened anywhere.

Email Best Practices

See These 10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing can be quite a tricky business, and what’s acceptable is subject to change over time, so it’s a good idea to revisit email marketing best practices on a regular basis. What works best is affected by other aspects and technology changes, so if we want to get the best results we need to keep current.

Here are what we consider ten best practices for email marketing right now

  1. Use short, attention grabbing subject lines – Avoid spam words, and be sure you are being bold without straying off into untruth. Tell them what to look for.
  2. Optimize your emails for mobile – Since now as much as 67 percent of all emails are being viewed on a mobile device, if you’re not doing this you are losing ground.
  3. Personalize the “From” line – Using an impersonal return address such as will more than likely get trashed.
  4. Utilize several calls to action – If you really want the click, sell it, and make sure you have one of these above the fold.
  5. Make the body text brief and to the point – No one is planning on reading a thousand word email, so don’t be that guy! Say what you need to say, using bullet points if you have several points, and ask them to click elsewhere for more.
  6. Include videos and pictures – Visual content is all the rage these days, and there is a lot of evidence that it converts much better than mere text.
  7. Benefits over features – No one wants to know the specific features of your gizmo or service; they want to know how it will make their life easier, and how fast!
  8. Don’t send too little or too much – This is one you need to test, as all audiences are a bit different, but rest assured that once a month is too little, and a dozen times a week is excessive.
  9. Social sharing is a must – Make sure your emails are able to be shared socially, as this can increase their reach many times over.
  10. Create compelling content – Delivering valuable, timely content your readers can use will do you more good than almost any other of these best practices. Become somebody they want to hear from, and you’re halfway home.

Better Headlines Mean More Sales

How to Write Killer Headlines That Get The Click

The simple fact of the matter is that headlines really do matter. They are the first and oftentimes only chance to hook your reader into what you are trying to say, and in many cases, sorry to say, great content gets unread merely because the writer wasn’t able to convey quickly and compellingly what was to follow. Since we use headlines in the form of blog posts, adds, products, sales pages, videos plus more, it’s crucial that we learn what we’re doing when it comes to writing headlines.

7 Ways for you to write more effective headlines today

  1. Use numbers and lists – People love to get useful posts and emails listing valuable and useful information they need. Furthermore if this list is a numbered list, you’ll be blown away at how much better attention you’ll get.
  2. Feel their pain – Being able to empathize you’re your reader places you in a position of authority, your reader will be more inclined to trust you, and thus be receptive to any remedies for their problems you might have.
  3. Be controversial; break the rules! – Don’t be afraid to share your opinions in a bold, audacious way. Nobody wants to read another milquetoast post anyhow!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – These questions are very often the same ones they are asking, and you can be the one to deliver a solution.
  5. Keep your headline under 55 characters – This is so that not only will your entire headline show in Google search results, but also in the email subject line without being shortened.
  6. Test your copy – As with most anything you write for the masses, for the best response you’ll want to test your headlines for effect. In some cases one word can make a huge difference in an email open rate, which can in turn directly affect your income.
  7. Be sure to give value – Don’t write mundane or fluff headlines. Promise and deliver a value packed piece of content. Don’t promise something you aren’t going to deliver, but also don’t be afraid to tout it.

Remember that the goal of your headlines is always to get the reader to the next step, whether that is reading the post, opening an email or clicking on your ad!

How To An Build eMail List

Want to Create a Lead Magnet that Gets Results?

If you’re trying to build an email list of prospects, you’ll need something of value that’s specific to your desired audience to attract them.

What is a lead magnet and how do you implement them?

All of us need fresh leads, and the most effective way to acquire them is by offering people something valuable in exchange for their contact information, typically their name and email address. What is offered in exchange is called a lead magnet.

The more specific they are the better. Be sure you’re offering something that can make a difference for them now, not years down the road. We all want it yesterday, right? You will gain more than just subscribers, in this day and age of social sharing, you’ll help with branding yourself and your company as leaders in your space.

Here are 7 Great Ideas for Powerful Lead Magnets

  1. Infographic – The visual content darling of the year, infographics tell an engaging visual story in an interesting, easy to process manner.
  2. Video – A video solving a specific problem your audience faces is always a winner. Not just that, a video can be used in many more mediums, spreading your lead gen efforts all over the place.
  3. Short reports – When we say short, we mean short, such as “7 Tips for Solving your Specific Problem” short. They aren’t going to read a novel from you just yet; make it short and sweet and charm them in the autoresponder followup sequence. These should run in the 10-15 page range.
  4. Cheat Sheets, Mindmaps and Blueprints – These can be gold, as you can compress a ton of valuable info onto one sheet, and people eat them up.
  5. Content Webinar – As webinars get cheaper and easier to carry out, holding a content packed webinar that offers valuable information in addition to showcasing your wares is a terrific way to not only get subscribers, but sales as well.
  6. Podcasts – Another great way to distribute specific chunks of content and further brand yourself as an authority in your space is to give a digital download of a podcast as a lead magnet.
  7. Coupons or free trials – These are extremely popular as they represent money, and everyone wants to save more of that. A terrific way to introduce your products and services.

eMail Marketing Tips

3 Tips for syncing up your email marketing with the rest of your plan

Now that everyone seems to be in such a hurry to pronounce the death of email marketing, let’s take the contrarian view here and say that email is not just not dead, it’s thriving! Moreover, with the variety of marketing channels open to us now, it can be a very sharp weapon in your marketing arsenal. The secret is to learn how to integrate your email marketing with other forms of marketing you happen to be using.

3 Tips to integrate your email with the rest of your marketing

Include social sharing buttons – This one is drop dead easy to execute and can help disperse your best content via email all over the place. Don’t just place the social sharing buttons in the emails, (most email providers make it easy to do this) but in addition encourage users to share it with their contacts. You’ll be rewarded pleasantly all sorts of contacts you hadn’t counted on.

Promote your email list socially – Putting dedicated posts on your social media properties promoting your newsletter or list only makes perfect sense. Not only that, you are far more likely to have many times more people who can see these messages, and the chance to spread the word virally makes this a potentially explosive way to expand your reach quickly and widely. Simply just inviting people socially, perhaps spicing it up with a giveaway bribe, will do the trick.

Optimize for mobile screens – With mobile search now responsible for a full 48 percent of all internet searches, you’d be silly to not optimize your mobile site and opt-in pages and boxes for mobile. Remember there are a couple of technical aspects to this, including making sure your buttons are large enough for a mobile screen, and that your message is brief, enticing and to the point.