Check Out the Hottest Trends in Website Design

If we were talking about new trends in web design a couple of years ago, the conversation would be a lot less exciting and full of innovation than it is today. Every year there are new ideas and implementations that come into being, and we are much the better for it.

For 2015 there are some holdovers, and also a lot of evolvers, as what we are able to do technologically catches up with the ideas. An example would be how the concept of Flat Design evolved into Material Design.

Let’s see what’s brewing as far as trends go in the world of web design for 2015.

5 Leading web design trends for 2015

Responsive design – While this could be viewed as an old trend, the truth is that it’s now become the norm, and what’s more, with Google announcing that on April 21st, 2105 they will begin penalizing sites that aren’t mobile optimized in the search results there is a great reason.

Huge images – Having large, evocative images adorn our pages has never been easier to do. With better bandwidth availability and image compression it doesn’t have to slow your pages loads down. This is making the visual component of your pages so much more interesting!

Scrolling over clicking – The concept of making a longer, more flowing page in mobile will continue to gain ground, because this decreases page load time, encourages interaction and is more intuitive. It’s all about user experience, and this element delivers in a big way.

More choice in typography – It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted a custom font for your web pages you were required to pay a hefty price. Not any longer. Many more choices are available now, with the free Google fonts leading the way here.

Semi-flat design – While flat design has existed for a few years, it appears as if it has now evolved into what Google is calling “material design”. That is a blending of flat design with subtle gradients, layers and even animation to achieve an “almost” flat design with flair.