Video Marketing Suggestions for Local Business Success

No one liked the instant ending of The Sopranos. A fade to black style will do your video marketing no favors either, so stay away from doing this at all costs. The end of every marketing video needs to include a call to action. This may be as simple as telling viewers to visit your site or pointing them towards a white paper, but just make sure something is included.

Aim for the Optimal Time

Timing is essential in every aspect of life, but you must pay special attention to it when it comes to crafting your video marketing messages. If it is quite short, people will not get any value from the video. If it runs too long, people will get bored and just move on.

Make videos just long enough to get your message across. Bear in mind that different lengths work best on different platforms. For Facebook, 30 to 45 seconds is best suited. If you are making a video for an e-mail marketing message, though, you can go longer depending on what you are trying to say.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Don’t treat your customers like The Sopranos treated its fans. Never show your clients what they came looking for and then just simply fade to black. Include some sort of call to action at the end of the video. Whether this is a call to visit your website or read a white paper, never waste this opportunity for follow-up.

Get Rid of Bad Videos

If your local business has a YouTube or other video sharing account, it may seem counterintuitive to delete any of the content. Actually, though, a badly performing video can result in less visibility. If one of your videos has a great number of down votes, negative comments, or just runs too long, consider axing it to improve your channel’s reach.

Great video content is needed for any successful marketing campaign. This is why you must devote time to your video strategy. If you are not outdoing your competition in anything, at least outdo them in video.