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Marketing Tricks For Profitable Small Enterprises

Any consumer will love something totally free, but minor freebies do not really get the job done. One cabin rental company in the Smoky Mountains realized this and started holding contests on Facebook where the reward was a free weekend stay in an attractive cabin.

Make use of Old Content

Even small enterprises that have minimal social media reach put out a few posts that really "pop." These posts can seemingly go viral relative to the reach of other posts. It occurs way too often, though, that businesses simply move on after this success.

This is an error in judgment. Instead, wait a couple of weeks or months and post the content once more. It may not attain the same significant reach, but it will still likely perform better than other posts on your page.

Segment Email List

A full 58 percent of customers prefer email marketing over other marketing touch points. This shows how powerful the tactic can be, but segmenting your email list can also do wonders.

Break up clients by certain features, whether it be purchase behavior or age and gender demographics. This allows you to personalize your marketing message while still readily reaching the masses.

Offer Something Substantial For Free

Everyone loves free stuff, but small discounts or small promotional items are not likely to build a substantial following. That is why one Smoky Mountain cabin company began holding Facebook contests where the winner received a free three night vacation in a gorgeous mountain cabin.

By simply holding a contest and telling entrants they must "like," "follow" or subscribe to something to enter, hundreds or even thousands of prospects will suddenly make an appearance. These prizes do not need to be in the vein of free automobiles, but make it something worth getting excited over.

There are no cutting corners to success, but there are simple marketing strategies that can pay off. The aforementioned are just a few, and any local business that can pull these off is definitely ahead of the game.

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