Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages Are a Useful Addition to Your Marketing

A new entry in the social media marketing field is the recent introduction of LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Before we discount this as yet another channel we need to be spending time on, let’s take a closer peek at what might turn out to be a beneficial addition to your marketing mix.

So what are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a welcome new tool in your LinkedIn Arsenal. Rather than replacing your LinkedIn Company page, which ought to remain your main hub on LinkedIn, the Showcase Pages serve as specifically targeted pages catering to a selected segment of your LinkedIn audience.

Targeting a specific item or section of your business can lead to a far more focused user experience for all those interested. While Company pages are still the comprehensive face of your business, Showcase Pages are a welcome addition to laser-target items or areas of your business you’d like to concentrate on. They’re not supposed to replace Company Pages. They work in the same way as a Company Page or indeed, a Facebook page, as you can share your best content and even post sponsored ads.

Some creative ways to employ your Showcase Pages

Companies for now are permitted up to ten Showcase Pages, and they are utilizing them in various, innovative ways.

  • Special Offers or Deals
  • New Product announcements
  • Company and industry news
  • Information about upcoming events or webinars
  • Links to other content
  • Run sponsored ads to increase your reach
  • Build more followers to the Company Page or other Showcase Pages

These Showcase Pages are a breeze to create, and like Facebook pages you have the ability to place a large “hero” image at the top of each page, with your company details and contacts just beneath.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages — A new tool worth a look!

This looks to be a great way to share content with a particular segment of your LinkedIn audience simply and efficiently. The similarity to Facebook Pages is no accident, and the ad platform promises to be rewarding both for LinkedIn and those who use it effectively. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are an additional authority page to post content, and one that needs checking out!