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Are Facebook Instant Articles Great For Small businesses?

If you do not have the time to do this, you have the option of allowing Facebook to place ads and still produce revenue for your company. The Instant Articles feature also keeps ads further down the page, and this means site visitors will not be immediately blindsided by an ad.

Additionally, you can have Facebook insert ads itself and you will still get a sizable portion of the earned revenue. Instant Articles will also make sure that the ads are not "above the fold," and this will ensure consumers are not immediately hit with an ad upon clicking your content.

Some entrepreneurs use ads in their articles to get additional revenue from third parties. If this is the case, Facebook still allows the ads and will let you keep all revenue.

Income Just From Clicks

This is vital because over 40% of consumers will discontinue a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. On average, the aforementioned study found typical sites take 3.66 seconds. So in actuality, this tool will keep your users engaged.

Facebook Instant Articles allow users to read your content right inside of the Facebook app. By doing this, your articles will load much faster than if they had to load outside of the app. Believe it or not, studies showed that Facebook Instant Articles loaded in under 300 milliseconds.

Consumers Will Continue To Be Engaged

If you are currently publishing content, you likely use analytics. Fortunately, Facebook Instant Articles are harmonious with the most common analytics tools out there. Additionally, Facebook also offers their own user behavior analytics for Instant Article publishers.

Improved Analytics Opportunities

Local company owners often post articles and blogs on their websites to bring in traffic. By using Facebook Instant Articles, though, users wouldn't actually visit the company's website.

While this may seem counterintuitive to a budding entrepreneur, this new social media tool could actually be beneficial.

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