Facebook Live

Combines Online and Offline Marketing

Even though promotion is in its digital age, it does not mean offline marketing is a thing of the past. Companies can still do quite well by attending local festivals, sponsoring neighborhood charities and even hosting events. Not every fan can attend these affairs, but they can easily catch them via Facebook Live.

Improved Marketing Metrics on Facebook

Facebook has long provided resources that allowed business owners to track their reach on the site. Instead of seeing how many people liked or shared a status, page owners can actually see how many people viewed the post. Checking up on this user-friendly image, Facebook Live also comes with a number of analytics tools.

In addition to seeing just how many people viewed the video, Facebook Live also gives metrics on the peak concurrent viewers and the number of people who are viewing the video at any given time. This means marketers can see the exact moment their viewership decreased, and they can use this information to improve their video marketing.

Facebook Assists in Promotion

Facebook Live is still in its infancy, so the social media giant is doing its best to promote the service. This means Live videos often end up towards the top of people’s newsfeeds. Additionally, Facebook will often send a notification when a page a fan likes starts a live broadcast. This free of charge advertising may not last forever, so local business owners should take advantage now.

Social media sites are continually trying out new things, and in some cases, their ideas fall flat. This is simply not the case with Facebook Live. The new device is doing everything from causing social change to promoting business events. If company owners utilize the tool correctly, there is no limit on how prosperous they can be.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tricks For Profitable Small Enterprises

Any consumer will love something totally free, but minor freebies do not really get the job done. One cabin rental company in the Smoky Mountains realized this and started holding contests on Facebook where the reward was a free weekend stay in an attractive cabin.

Make use of Old Content

Even small enterprises that have minimal social media reach put out a few posts that really “pop.” These posts can seemingly go viral relative to the reach of other posts. It occurs way too often, though, that businesses simply move on after this success.

This is an error in judgment. Instead, wait a couple of weeks or months and post the content once more. It may not attain the same significant reach, but it will still likely perform better than other posts on your page.

Segment Email List

A full 58 percent of customers prefer email marketing over other marketing touch points. This shows how powerful the tactic can be, but segmenting your email list can also do wonders.

Break up clients by certain features, whether it be purchase behavior or age and gender demographics. This allows you to personalize your marketing message while still readily reaching the masses.

Offer Something Substantial For Free

Everyone loves free stuff, but small discounts or small promotional items are not likely to build a substantial following. That is why one Smoky Mountain cabin company began holding Facebook contests where the winner received a free three night vacation in a gorgeous mountain cabin.

By simply holding a contest and telling entrants they must “like,” “follow” or subscribe to something to enter, hundreds or even thousands of prospects will suddenly make an appearance. These prizes do not need to be in the vein of free automobiles, but make it something worth getting excited over.

There are no cutting corners to success, but there are simple marketing strategies that can pay off. The aforementioned are just a few, and any local business that can pull these off is definitely ahead of the game.

3 SEO Shortcuts

Every Small Business Really Should Be Using These SEO Tips

Every local business owner should make the time to get in touch with leaders in their industry. You can do this by phone or social media, but the positive payoff is the same. There is no doubt that it takes time to build a legitimate relationship, but once this is done, a backlink or share from an industry leader can return swift results.

Have Time For Google Places

If there is one online strategy that small businesses can use to gain offline revenue, it is local SEO. It has been estimated that having a Google Places page generates a lifetime value of $10,000. Businesses that have Google Places pages show above organic search results, and this indicates that, no matter how bad your site’s SEO might be, people are going to find it.

Contact Industry Leaders

No local company owner should be afraid to reach out to leaders in their industry. Whether it be by phone or social media, creating these relationships can pay off huge. While building the relationship requires time, the results of a shared blog or even a backlink are almost instantaneous.

Participate In Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has gotten a bad rep over the years thanks to marketers employing automated posting tools and basically spamming up reputable sites’ comment sections. Steering clear of this type of behavior, however, can result in many website visitors and a powerful backlink from an industry leading site.

The trick here is to continually make sure the comments are on topic. If an industry-leading website posts a blog about how to clean pools, for instance, it is okay to comment with a link to your blog about pool cleaning tools. Stay on topic, and the visitors will come.

Succeeding in the world of seo takes work, but all of that work does not have to be tricky. By simply making use of the aforementioned tips, your small business can see almost instant impressive results.

Facebook Articles

Are Facebook Instant Articles Great For Small businesses?

If you do not have the time to do this, you have the option of allowing Facebook to place ads and still produce revenue for your company. The Instant Articles feature also keeps ads further down the page, and this means site visitors will not be immediately blindsided by an ad.

Additionally, you can have Facebook insert ads itself and you will still get a sizable portion of the earned revenue. Instant Articles will also make sure that the ads are not “above the fold,” and this will ensure consumers are not immediately hit with an ad upon clicking your content.

Some entrepreneurs use ads in their articles to get additional revenue from third parties. If this is the case, Facebook still allows the ads and will let you keep all revenue.

Income Just From Clicks

This is vital because over 40% of consumers will discontinue a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. On average, the aforementioned study found typical sites take 3.66 seconds. So in actuality, this tool will keep your users engaged.

Facebook Instant Articles allow users to read your content right inside of the Facebook app. By doing this, your articles will load much faster than if they had to load outside of the app. Believe it or not, studies showed that Facebook Instant Articles loaded in under 300 milliseconds.

Consumers Will Continue To Be Engaged

If you are currently publishing content, you likely use analytics. Fortunately, Facebook Instant Articles are harmonious with the most common analytics tools out there. Additionally, Facebook also offers their own user behavior analytics for Instant Article publishers.

Improved Analytics Opportunities

Local company owners often post articles and blogs on their websites to bring in traffic. By using Facebook Instant Articles, though, users wouldn’t actually visit the company’s website.

While this may seem counterintuitive to a budding entrepreneur, this new social media tool could actually be beneficial.


The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

Paid Ads Are Not Guaranteed

A recent survey found that about 60% of small enterprises have no website at all. Once you consider the remaining companies that don’t utilize sound SEO practices, the competitive advantage that SEO can provide becomes noticeable. A website can help beat out 60% of other manufacturers, and SEO can help beat out the rest.

Provides an advantage Over the Competitors

Forbes actually listed SEO as the best marketing return on investments you might see. Simply accomplishing the top spot for a specific keyword means you will get 33% of the clicks on that keyword. Whatever you are selling, that is a big payoff. Whenever you undertake a marketing project, you are taking a risk. The best you can anticipate is a good return on investment (ROI) that makes the campaign worth it. Thankfully, you can achieve this with good SEO strategies.

Great Return on your investment

In all likelihood, users now understand that paid links are not necessarily the best source for what they are looking for. That is why concentrating on SEO to increase search ranking is a far better game plan than simply forking over money for a top spot.

Paying to get seen on Facebook has its positive aspects, but when it comes to pay-per-click ads on search engines, the costs are definitely piling up. This is because 70-80% of online searchers completely disregard paid ads.

Paid Ads Do Not Invariably Pay Off

When buyers use search engines, a full 70% of the links they click on come up organically. This means Google made the decision that site was exactly an individual searching a specific term was looking for.

The chances of an agency showing up organically increases when search engine optimization (SEO) is used. In fact, there are a selection of reasons SEO is vital.

Social Media Fails

The Social Media Marketing Faults That Can Hurt a Brand

Social media has developed a great number of things in the world around us. And if you have not noticed yet, marketing has seen the most obvious changes. In fact, a full 94 percent of marketers utilize Facebook for social media marketing and advertising. As it turns out, though, a handful of simple mistakes can undercut your social media marketing effort. Once you know of these slipups, though, they become simpler to avoid.

Getting Social Media Likes and Followers

There are numerous services you can pay to give you more likes and followers on social media pages. These likes usually come from fake accounts. In fact, Facebook had at least 83 million fake accounts in 2012. Unfortunately, these artificial followers don’t engage with the account. This means fewer of your true fans will see your content.

Inappropriately Hijacking a Hashtag

Hashtags are an easy way for your brand to realize a bit of widespread attention on a trending topic. Of course, you need to ensure that the hashtag actually makes sense on the post. Even more importantly, never assume what a hashtag means.

In 2014, for instance, DiGiorno sent out a pizza marketing tweet with the hashtag #WhyIStayed. They believed it was a fun and popular hashtag, but it was actually related to domestic violence. Do not make a similar mistake.

Posting Far Too Much About Brand

The social media 80/20 rule dictates that only 20 percent of a business’s posts should be direct advertising and marketing. The others must be related to the business or industry, but directly promotional posts should be kept to a minimum. If followers feel like they are only being advertised at all the time, instead of receiving real value, they will often unfollow a page.

Great social media marketing can take your small business to all new heights. If you are making any of the aforementioned mistakes, though, all of the effort in the world may not repair the damage.

Effective Blog Marketing for Local Business Owners

Organic reach can take some time, so even though seo is imperative, you must take other proactive measures. This is why you should utilize other marketing platforms to get the blog noticed.

Change Keyword Usage

While a bookstore would be remiss to not use “bookstore” as a keyword, it is essential to remember the competition for such a common term. Instead, local business owners should put a heavy target on long tail keywords.

Instead of just “bookstore,” the company should use “book stores in Miami,” “used book stores in Sacramento” or something similar. These long tail keywords are better in a world where common speech is used in search, thanks to Siri, and local marketing is essential.

Build Guest Posts

It can be difficult for a company to get its content seen on a large scale, but this is less complicated if they create guest blogs. Take your best content and submit it to industry leading blogs that embrace guest posts. While the industry blog will get most of the traffic, it will undoubtedly bring a tremendous amount your way as well.

Use Other Marketing Resources to Promote Blogs

While specializing in strong seo strategies will help your blog get noticed, it is essential to remember that organic reach can take time. This makes promoting your blog on other platforms significant.

Whenever you put up a new post, share it directly to social media. Spend some time to send out an email newsletter for especially interesting blogs as well. The best way to get the word out is to use the tools already at your disposal.

Statistics show that you are 13 times more likely to see a favourable return on investment if you prioritize blogging. With these sorts of numbers, it is obvious that blogging is a fundamental marketing tactic. And if you can get the word out with the aforementioned ideas, taking the time to jot down a blog can really pay off.

How Business owners Can Unite Social Media and Offline Marketing

Whereas Facebook ‘About’ sections were once only for basic information, the site now allows a video to be uploaded. And that means you can get a lot more play out of a television ad by simply placing it on Facebook. First time visitors to your page will see your ad, which they may have never found before, and you have an opportunity to switch videos at any time.

Incorporate Television Ad to Facebook ‘About’ Section

Facebook recently began allowing entrepreneurs to upload a video in their ‘About’ section. This is a great opportunity to place that 30-second television spot front and center. Even better is that the video can be switched out at any time, and customers viewing a page for the first time will instantly see the video.

Feature On-Site or Event Discount rates Via Check In

One of the amazing features of social media platforms like Facebook, Foursquare and Google is that they offer the opportunity to “check in.” This creates an opportunity for you to use an offline marketing tactic, a discount, and make it reliant on social media. Whether it is at an event or at the business location, offer consumers a rebate on the spot if they check in on social media.

Start using Hashtags Everywhere

Brands that use hashtags usually see an increase in engagement of 50 percent. Do not allow these hashtags be solely dependent on social media, though. Come up with a clever and memorable hashtag and post it everywhere. From television commercials to billboards, these function as hashtag reminders for people to use later.

As a local merchant, you should reap the benefits of every marketing tool at your disposal. For example offline marketing. Fortunately, this traditional marketing tactic still plays a significant role in promoting a business.

Social Media Myths

3 Social Media Over Internet Marketing Myths That Could Ruin Your Business

Notion That Facebook Is All-Encompassing

Social Media Advertising Reveals Too Much

Some marketer’s fear thatusing a great social media strategy will mean their competitors will learn company secrets. While it is true that other companies can watch what you are doing, this will not matter if you are putting out great content before everyone else. You will be seen as a thought leaderrather than a follower. And while you are at it, you might as well use tools like BuzzSumo to check your competition.

You Must Be Online All Day

Any productive social media strategy will have posts going up throughout the day. Unfortunately, this leads many future entrepreneurs to believe they have to take time, several times a day, to hop online and post written content. In reality, marketing automation tools like Hootsuite allow you to schedule several posts across all of your social channels at once. This way, you will be managing business elsewhere even as posts go up.

Belief That Everyone Is On Facebook

If everybody was on Facebook, it would seem only logical that you might avoid bothering with other social media platforms. Sadly, this belief is erroneous. There are those out there who dislike the site, and this has led to the creation of social platforms marketed as the antithesis of Facebook.

Additionally, even if people have numerous social media accounts, they usually interact more often on particular sites. Cover all of the bases by integrating several platforms into your social media strategy.

Being successful in social media marketing can do wonderful things for your company. Whatever you do, though, don’t fall victim to unsupported claims. These myths can wreck a perfectly good marketing strategy.

It’s All About Trust

Uncomplicated Ways Local Businesses Can Build Customer Trust

One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is simply responding to commenters on social media. You can accomplish this while also showing that you care by responding to online reviews. A while back, Yelp reported that 1.1 million businesses had claimed their Yelp pages, but there are more than 18 million American businesses.

You Should Not Berate Competition

It seems like making your rivals look bad would be a great thing, but it is important not to do this by being negative. As a substitute, show consumers why your product or service is better. Averting negativity shows people you are willing to stand on your accomplishments rather than the failures of others, and this is a great way to build trust.

Build Actual Partnerships with Customers

Several marketers consider posting to social media an effective way to build relationships with clients. While this does give people a sense of what the company is all about, it is essential to go beyond this and let consumers know that it is real people behind the company profile.

One simple way of doing this is giving an answer to comments and questions on social media. An alternate way to do this, while also showing that you really care, is to respond to online reviews. Yelp once reported that 1.1 million business pages had been claimed on their site, yet there are over 18 million companies in America.

Without claiming a small business page, it is difficult to respond to reviews, so a large percentage of companies are obviously failing here.

Be Transparent About Blunders

Every business will make mistakes, both in the offline and online worlds. When these happen, it is essential to own up to them. Whether you have a single negative review online or an idiotic server garnered negative media attention for the company, simply make sure you recognize the error and explain what is being done to make sure it never happens again.

Building trust is crucial in any relationship. Make sure your local company has a chance at success by not forgetting this.