How to Use Twitter #Hashtags in Your Small Business

Know what a #Hashtag is? If you're not a social media maven, and particularly Twitter, you may not have a clue what a #hashtag is. No need for that being the situation any longer. A hashtag is a # followed by a word or phrase to perform a number of functions. Twitter users attach hashtags to tweets as search conventions, a method of categorizing, and marketing tactics. #Hashtags can also be used in other social media platforms.

#Hashtags guidelines

Be sure to do your standard due diligence and see if the keyword you'd like to use is not used elsewhere. This is as simple as doing a little research (a search on to ascertain whether or not that #Hashtag would be a good option. Also, don't try to make hay with misleading #hashtags, even when they are seriously trending. This will almost assuredly blow up on you. One more thing: make sure to proofread prior to when you create that #hashtag!

4 Ways to market with #hashtags

  1. Keep them short and simple - Making your #hashtag brief and to the point is your best bet. Combine a couple if need be, such as #apps and #smallbiz, but avoid stringing together a half dozen: it just appears you don't know what you want to say.
  2. Make them #hashtags to not forget - Great #hashtags are far more likely to be shared widely. Give some thought to this and you may get your wish and have it go viral.
  3. Use them on multiple social media channels - A #hashtag isn't much use if it's not shared. Although started on Twitter, #hashtags have become employed across multiple social media channels including Facebook, Google , LinkedIn and Pinterest. This assists to instill the #hashtag into the minds of their audience.
  4. Make use of keywords - If possible, work in your brand or major keywords. This isn't always feasible, so choose judiciously.

Make the development of memorable #hashtags a to-do item in your social media marketing check-list. It will work to keep your brand and buzz in front of your social media audience!

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