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How to Pack Your Message into a Six-Second Video on Vine!

If you've experienced any videos from the new Twitter platform, Vine, you've probably been quite fascinated by them, but perhaps also confused as to just how to utilize this new platform. What it will take, is a clear idea of your idea! You've got a mere six seconds to deliver your message, so time is an issue!

How businesses are using Vine

Vine has witnessed businesses produce some very innovative and impressive videos since they've launched. Inspite of the time limitations, some businesses have embraced the platform and are crafting Vines that are getting significant notice and views. The key to winning with Vine would be to emphasize the quirky, fun and new parts of the products or messages you want to feature. Nobody expects an epic film, but even so, they do expect to be entertained! Some ways companies are using Vine videos include videos about new products or people, customer service messages, and human-interest pieces. Businesses of every size are discovering cool ways to employ Vine videos.

Here are a few examples:

Lowes home improvement store has created some incredibly popular Vines sharing quick tips for the home, in their #lowesfixinsix Vine videos.

Bacardi is using short videos to share their favorite drink recipes featuring their rum.

One of their competitors, Malibu Rum, dove right in and created some cool refreshing Vines of their own!

Taco Bell used Vine as an integral piece of the product launch for their Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.

General Electric is using Vine to showcase innovative videos that share science in cool ways.

Clothing retailer The Gap is using it to tout their products, via a sort of online video catalog.

Let your imagination run wild!

Vine videos can be quite a novel way to introduce new staff, new products, new directions and more. It's really only limited by your imagination. Certainly, time isn't a factor! Take a few moments and look at through some Vine videos, and find out if this isn't a platform that your company or small business can utilize!

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