Using Videos and Images

Using Videos and Images to Capture Attention and Audience

Let's face it, everyone today would rather watch a video, scan an image or gaze into an infographic. Like it or not, reading is out, viewing is in. With more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, and forgetting about the rest of the visual media uploaded to other sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, you can't possibly need any more proof that the time to take advantage of visual media in your content is now!

5 methods to pack your content with visual media

  1. Place product images on photo sharing sites - Posting images of your products on well-known and heavily trafficked photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr can bring scads of direct traffic, along with social signals and links to your pages. The same is true of posting on your Facebook page and sites like Tumblr.
  2. Employ videos - Direct traffic from videos can easily be your greatest source of visitors. And don't be so rigid with this type of content, either. Inject a chuckle and personality. Think about employing Twitter's Vine and Instagram's micro-video solution for quick snippets and product introductions.
  3. Infographics - A cool infographic gets shared far more than you might imagine, and is perceived as great content that you could post just about anywhere. And, they're not as difficult to produce as you might think!
  4. Create your own visuals - Create memes of your own. Original images have a far better chance of being shared far and wide, particularly if you have your one of a kind spin on them.
  5. Crowdsource your visual content - Let your viewers in on the fun! This works on many levels. Getting your fans to create and share via contests, promotions and events is the same as free advertising, and they'll certainly share all over, particularly if prompted!

Content has become largely visual, and this shows no signs off reverting anytime soon. Tell your brand's story with visual media and go where the buyers are!

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