3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mojo

Way back in the day (last year) it was a relatively simple undertaking to rank your pages in Google’s search engine results. Optimize the pages, have good, unique content and create a slew of backlinks to them.

Ahh, the good ‘ol days.

No longer. Google has upped the ante, and besides making sure we are still managing to accomplish the majority of the above named items, we are now expected to have a viable and buzzing social media presence as well! What this means is complete social profiles, daily or more posts, and interaction with your peeps consistently.

So exactly how do we create these “social signals”?

So how do we do this without tearing out all of our hair? Here are three easy methods for you to quickly increase customer engagement, grow your audience, and boost word of mouth regarding your business.

  1. Utilize visual media – However you slice it, most of us now would prefer to watch than read. Whether we are pushed to this by time constraints or the fact that it’s simply easier, that appears to be the state of society these days. Backing that up, Facebook reports that photos and videos attract 53 percent more likes than text alone.
  2. Do it later in the day – Customer engagement by way of likes, shares and follows, are occurring later in the day, based on this Analysis. (See, you wanted to look at it, didn’t ya!)
  3. Be quick to respond – Getting people to respond to you is challenging enough: don’t leave them hanging! Be sure you develop the practice of replying to comments, tweets and status updates as quickly as possible. You’re wanting to engage, not find a way avoid this!

Here’s a cool example of a business getting inventive with social media: Comodo, a restaurant in New York City, launched a menu that used tagged images, enabling customers to look through and see what they have to offer. Your business could also find new customers and further engage with the ones you have now by using these simple suggestions!