Social Media Advertising

Find Quick Results Using Social Media Ads

Love the thought of using social media to reach a vast audience, but simply aren't sure how to make it happen? Developing a social media presence that is vibrant and popular will take time and effort, however, reaching a massive audience of highly targeted people on social media can be done using paid advertising on these networks.

Where you might struggle along for months trying to create or find an audience, you can get one in minutes from the likes of Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, and to a smaller degree, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest and YouTube. Each has a different following, and it's better to plan your ads in conjunction with your target demographics.

What are the benefits of using paid social ads?

There are many benefits to using social media advertising. Let's examine just a few of them.

  • Incredible targeting tools - You'll be able to target incredibly minute segments of your audience with highly relevant ads.
  • Immense audiences - Your ads face-to-face with millions of people fast. Nuff said?
  • Opportunities for cheap ads - Unlike Google Adwords, with some smarts and practice, in general the social media ad platforms are much less expensive.
  • Fast results - Get your ads up in a few minutes. Very little setup or approval time needed.

Maximize the performance of paid social ads

  • Test relentlessly - Testing helps boost your CTR and reduces costs. Test images, colors, copy and punctuation. Everything matters! Merely a single percentage point improvement could tip the balance between success and failure.
  • Target carefully - The awesome thing about social ads is the capability to target minutely. Perfect your targeting.
  • Tie in a sound content marketing strategy with your social ads - Great content is vital to not just grow your audience but also get them to follow you, if you don't want to pay for an audience that is basically gone once your campaign ends.
  • Tracking is vital! - Each one of these platforms offer some form of tracking, but be sure you're using the best solution you can. Different platforms may necessitate a different solution.
  • Try retargeting - Retargeting works. Yes, it may seem a bit creepy to have your ads following people around the internet, but numbers don't lie.

Cheap ads, immense reach and easy implementation. What's not to like?

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