Marketing On A Budget

Check Out These 5 Ways to Market your Business on a Budget

Okay, we all can agree that not every business boasts a generous marketing budget, enabling you to take advantage of every opportunity on the planet. Even large companies have limitations, and working creatively within your means, however meager, is a key to online success.

We're going to check out 5 effective ways you can market your business on a limited budget. We'll detail them; all you need to do is do them!

5 Tips on how to Effectively Market your Business with a Small Budget

Be Social-Minded - Right now social media is where the people are, and you will be missing out if you do not take advantage of this. Social sites offer you the best opportunity to share your content to a vast audience, many of whom you are not yet connected to! Get active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and also Pinterest and Instagram if you have ANY visual aspects to your business. This is great for direct traffic, referrals, and customer service.

Build an Email List - If you have yet to start building an email list for your business, there's no time to waste! Get a free email solution like Mailchimp until you have a least 2000 people on your lists, and by then you should be making enough to warrant upgrading to a paid account. Use these lists to communicate news and views about your business and industry, and build up your authority.

Create a Destination Blog - Creating a blog that grows in stature, has repeat visitors and is shared widely is a tremendous asset for a small business on a limited budget. You can really do anything you want from your blog platform; build lists, conducts surveys, hold contests, build authority, announce new products and sales. Make your blog the hub of activity around which your business operates.

Get Visual - These days we are a visual lot, and it's an established fact that visual content engages and interests your audience many times more than simple text. Make use of videos, infographics, memes, images and other visuals with everything you do. You will get less bounces, more engagement and ultimately better results.

Dip your Toes into Paid Ads - Don't be scared off of paid advertising simply because you have a small budget. There are many platforms that allow you to run ads to highly targeted people for mere pennies. Facebook and Twitter ads can be had for low prices, and your daily budget doesn't have to exceed just a couple of dollars. Mobile ad platforms are even less expensive. Check this out today!

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