7 Ways to Make Your Social Media Efforts Pay Off

The allure of social media marketing for business is the promise that lies in the reach and virality you can achieve if you do it right. Within that sentence lies the rub: you have to do it right!

Would that it were as simple as putting up a Facebook business page and your work here was done. Not so fast. There is actually a bit of work associated with having a successful social media presence. To help you get on the right path we're going to take a look at 7 ways you can get in on some of the action found only on social media.

7 Ways to Invigorate your Social Media Presence

Use a lot of video - Perhaps the best tool for engineering engagement on your social media is through the use of video. Whether it's videos posted on Facebook, YouTube or even Vine, you'll find a large, voracious audience for your products or service if you make interesting and compelling videos.

Don't ignore your followers - In fact, do the opposite. Seek out and engage your followers and other influencers you want to connect with. This is a particularly true concept in regards to customers!

Utilize Instagram and Pinterest - These two image powerhouses are growing by leaps and bounds, and statistics show that their users are far more likely to convert.

Be brief on Facebook - While it's evident that images and videos rule on Facebook it's also true that text; well not so much. The average character count on a status update is merely 40 characters.

Ask questions - One of the better ways to engage with your following and well as gather business intelligence is to pose questions on your social media channels, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Please don't forget to respond to their answers!

Go Visual - Visuals rule on social media, and are shared far more often than any other type of posts. They also lead in engagement, so don't be afraid to post visuals and follow up.

Curate and use authoritative content - You're not tied to using your own content exclusively. Be sure and share (and Cite) authoritative content you find on the Web. Your followers and fans will thank you for this.

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