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How to Use These 7 Free Tools to Rock Your Small Business

One of the largest time drains for startup business is the time drain associated with getting the work done. Often this can be solved with tools developed to help productivity, but when you're new, finding the cash to shell out for great tools is sometimes problematic.

Fortunately for you, there are a number of really useful free tools to help small businesses get up and running. And don't be fooled into thinking that because they are free, they are short on features and usability. They are not. Try them out for yourself! I mean, they're free, so you haven't got much to lose!

7 Free productivity tools for your small business

Google Drive and Docs - Google has made available an incredibly versatile suite of tools in Google Docs and Drive. It is essentially an online replacement for the Microsoft Word packages, and offers a healthy storage capacity as well.

Free Conference Call - The name says it all, and his application lets you make conference calls at no cost. It even records the calls for you, making them available for download.

Zoho CRM - Customer relationship management software is expensive, but not this one. Zoho gives it to you for free for up to 3 employees.

Dropbox storage solution - A nifty solution for storing up to 2 GB of data for free in the cloud.

MailChimp email client - MailChimp is a free email platform that has many of the features you'll find in the top dogs, but for free, up to 2,000 subscribers. A perfect platform for building a list and getting your feet wet with email marketing.

Trello project management software - Track your projects, to-do lists and completed tasks in this user friendly free software. A very good startup tool.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools - Make sure you use these! Analytics will tell you all your need to know in terms of how your site is performing and webmaster tools can help you with search engine issues. Both of these are incredibly useful.

There are many more free tools out there, but start with some of these, and watch your productivity soar!

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