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Easy Ways to Inject Life into Your Facebook Page

If you’re asking yourself how you can transform your Facebook page, I’d like to give you eight solid methods for fast improvement that won’t cost anything but a little time. The following tips will not only help you optimize for Facebook and Google search better, but also lay the basis for better social interaction, which is where the money is these days.

  1. Make a Commitment – Facebook takes some time and thought. Many are the marketers who've wanted to use a Facebook page for business, and shortly abandoned it, which also says something about your company. Make a commitment to post and get involved regularly, or it may be counter-productive!
  2. Lose the Facebook-generated URL – You should definitely get a custom URL for your Facebook page. This will aid greatly with search engine optimization (SEO)  or for anyone trying to find you.
  3. Don’t Repeat Your Tweets – Twitter is fantastic, but don’t make us live through things twice. Be unique in what you post on your Facebook page. Your added effort will be rewarded.
  4. Keep Updates Short and Sweet – Like it or not, folks are into short these days. There is a time and place for longer material, but generally make an effort to keep posts short – 150 characters or less.
  5. Deliver Lots of Awesome Content – Creating content that people can use and are talking about will be the #1 mission for your page.
  6. Engage with Your Audience – Encourage discussion, post great photos and shareable content, hold contests, ask questions, anything to get the conversation going!
  7. Be Responsive – Take complaints seriously, and be proactive responding to anyone who asks questions. You'll be able to head off a lot of issues using this method.
  8. Post Photos – According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement than text-only posts, respectively.

Implementing these suggestions will give you a great start towards making your Facebook page a far more lively place!

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