7 Great Tips for Your Facebook Business Paqes

By this time most small businesses have gotten the news that if you want any significant amount of social media traffic coming to your site then you have to have a Facebook business page. However it's simply not good enough to put up a page and patiently wait for the Facebook hordes to arrive.

You'll have to actually make this a marketing channel if you want the best results, and the best part about it is that it can and often does pay off handsomely. To help you we've narrowed down 7 tips for helping to maximize your Facebook business page.

7 Tips to help get better Facebook business page results

  1. Use the new Call to action feature - Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows you to insert a call to action in your posts. Be sure and use it!
  2. Schedule posts - Whether you do this inside of Facebook (preferred) or use a tool like Hootsuite or SproutSocial, scheduling posts ahead of time takes the pressure off, and allows you to post more spontaneously as well.
  3. Post the type of posts they're looking for - Check in the Posts section of your settings and look under post types to see the kind of posts that are doing best with your audience. It breaks it down into status updates, photos and videos.
  4. Post often - Posting at least daily is wise, as it helps you stay engaged with your followers and fans, and helps you build authority in your space.
  5. Like, comment and share as your page - Liking and sharing other relevant business pages can help increase your fans, as well as help you find potential partners. Always do this as your Page, and not personally.
  6. Show off testimonials and awards - Your business page is an ideal spot to share any positive attention your business is getting. And when this gets shared.
  7. Share your site and other properties - Make sure to frequently point your audience to other web properties you own, including your site, video, YouTube channel and more.

Making your Facebook business page work for you isn't hard, but does require some effort. The payoff can be so worth it though.

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