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3 Tips for syncing up your email marketing with the rest of your plan

Now that everyone seems to be in such a hurry to pronounce the death of email marketing, let's take the contrarian view here and say that email is not just not dead, it's thriving! Moreover, with the variety of marketing channels open to us now, it can be a very sharp weapon in your marketing arsenal. The secret is to learn how to integrate your email marketing with other forms of marketing you happen to be using.

3 Tips to integrate your email with the rest of your marketing

Include social sharing buttons - This one is drop dead easy to execute and can help disperse your best content via email all over the place. Don't just place the social sharing buttons in the emails, (most email providers make it easy to do this) but in addition encourage users to share it with their contacts. You'll be rewarded pleasantly all sorts of contacts you hadn't counted on.

Promote your email list socially - Putting dedicated posts on your social media properties promoting your newsletter or list only makes perfect sense. Not only that, you are far more likely to have many times more people who can see these messages, and the chance to spread the word virally makes this a potentially explosive way to expand your reach quickly and widely. Simply just inviting people socially, perhaps spicing it up with a giveaway bribe, will do the trick.

Optimize for mobile screens - With mobile search now responsible for a full 48 percent of all internet searches, you'd be silly to not optimize your mobile site and opt-in pages and boxes for mobile. Remember there are a couple of technical aspects to this, including making sure your buttons are large enough for a mobile screen, and that your message is brief, enticing and to the point.

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