A Bad Website Can Hurt Your Reputation Due to the digital Internet age of today, businesses must have a strong online representation in order to capture the attention of potential customers. When you think about what is involved when it comes to expanding, promoting, and advertising your business, the Internet can no longer be ignored. In the past, advertising a business via television, Yellow Pages, radio, or newspaper ads would take a huge chunk out of any marketing budget. But they were necessary expenses that companies had to use if they wanted to see their businesses flourish. With the invention of the Internet, marketing has become faster, easier, and less expensive for businesses to connect with local consumers. Long gone are the days when companies are forced to pay a fortune for a small, 30- second slot on the air or for a small corner in the local newspaper that will only run for a few days. Instead, the Internet is the “new age” form of marketing. With a professional website, businesses can now have a “home” online that is often referred to as a virtual representation of their brand. Once a website is developed, it can work to help businesses generate more leads and customers 24hrs. per day as long as the website is fully functioning. The best part is that it doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to have a website designed; and maintaining it on a monthly basis is mere peanuts compared to traditional advertising costs. Consumers today are extremely Internet savvy as the Internet plays a huge role in our daily lives. So when it comes to purchasing local products and services, most consumers go online first to find businesses that can give them what they need. If your business does not have a website – or if your website is outdated, not visually appealing, or barely functioning – you could actually lose a lot of potential customers to your competitors. Why? Because people today expect businesses to be as involved online as they are. If your website is lacking, this could be a direct reflection on how consumers view your company.

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