What Makes People Buy Online

5 Reasons People Decide to Buy Online

Understanding why people buy online is crucial for anyone wanting to make money selling online. Not only does it make shaping your sales materials far easier, you'll also have a leg up when considering how to spend money on advertising.

You may think that the reasons people give for buying online are all the same; mainly price. But you would be wrong. The reality is price is way down the list. It's a given that the online prices are usually lower, given that there is no visible overhead. Even so, there are some very specific and sometimes unexpected reasons people give for purchasing online.

Let's take a look at 5 of the top ones.

5 Reasons people give for purchasing online

They get a wider choice of goods - Shopping online offers you a far greater choice when it comes to buying. Most offline stores can't afford to carry every color, size and large quantities of each. Not so with a warehouse!

People like to read reviews from other buyers - Absent having a friend who's purchased the item in question, people will seek out whomever they can find for an opinion on the product, as long as it's not from the company itself.

Time savings - These days all of us are crazy busy, and the thought of needing to get in your car, head out to shop several stores to find the items you're looking for at the right price and model is downright daunting. It's has become far easier and time efficient to do it all online, and have it sent straight to your door rather than fighting traffic and using up gas.

Free shipping - One of the top reasons people offer for buying online is the ability to get free shipping. In many cases, it's been shown that free shipping trumps even a more lucrative price discount! Go figure!

Easy return process - Admit it, you might not like it. And if one trip outside the house was too much, imagine how much you'll hate two! Having a rock solid guarantee and easy return process is a giant factor for people choosing to buy online.

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