SEO 2016

The SEO Practices That Will Drive 2016

Use Your Own Photographs and Images

Utilize Your Images

Images can still get targeted traffic to a website, and this continues to be true even though they are not as vital as they once were. Uploading images is essential for SEO purposes, and you are going to do much better if you use unique images. Hundreds of websites could be using the same photo, but if you present something different, you are going to stick out. Ensure you have this distinct advantage when marketing a business.

It Isn't About Keywords Anymore

It certainly helps to have specific keywords on a website's copy to bring in traffic, but it is not quite as important as it used to be. Search engines have progressed, and they now don't need precise words to tell them what a user is seeking. If someone is attempting to find information on an iPad, for example, Google might return several results based on Apple products and smart devices.

In reality, it is much more about the searcher's intention. Specific keywords can get them to the website, but if they speedily return to Google, the search engine will think the page is not delivering on what it promises. So get your keywords in where possible, but make sure you are giving people what they want.

Continue Driving at Mobile

In 2014, the time period spent surfing the net on mobile devices outpaced that of desktop computers. Even though some are slower to come around to this fact, it's not going to change. Your site has to be created with mobile access in mind, and if it isn't, you are surely going to lose customers over it.

Search engine optimization will not be going anywhere as an invaluable advertising tool. Make sure you are keeping up with it.

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