Marketing Orchestration

Tips for Using Marketing Orchestration in Your Small Business

So this could be a term you haven't heard of yet, but you will soon. Marketing orchestration means forgetting standalone, "siloed" campaigns for an approach which utilizes multiple channels in concert with each other, delivering an individualized customer experience.

With so many channels that we regularly market with, it just makes sense to get these channels working together, and not at cross purposes.

Several reasons why marketing orchestration is a good idea!

Some of the reasons why marketing orchestration is a great idea will be obvious to you. Others; not so much.

One major benefit is the prospect of a much larger pool of possible customers. With all of your current various marketing channels working with one another, the power and likelihood of social sharing is magnified across channels. Consequently you’ll have the ability to reach new leads easier and faster than before.

You'll also benefit from enhanced abilities to build and authoritize your brand. When you show up where your customers are hanging out via their preferred communication, you'll be way more likely to be shared socially. All things considered, marketing orchestration can also be a time saver, as a lot of this will be automated. (Think IFTTT)

Some ideas to help you get started with marketing orchestration

Here are some tips to start the process.

  • Link your content via your social media channels. Find ways to cross promote your videos through your emails for instance.
  • Always encourage people to share your content. Incentivize if needed. A great number of same people have huge channels of their own you'd love to be introduced to.
  • Include social sharing capabilities on any of your web properties that are available. Make them part of templates you use.
  • Don't try and fit everyone in to the same narrow box. Develop a more personalized customer experience for each of them by meeting them where they are, and making use of their preferred mode of communication.

Jump on the marketing orchestration bandwagon now, and begin making your marketing plan less of a siloed experience, and more of an individualized plan for success!

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