Is Your Business Obsolete?

Perhaps not, but if your marketing and branding are falling behind, potential customers may think so. Customers prefer to patronize companies that are convenient, easily accessible, and up-to-date on current trends in technology. With 78.2 million smart phones or wireless-enabled PDAs in use as of December 2010, it’s obvious that consumers are developing high expectations around instant availability of information from businesses. Take a glance around as you wait in line for groceries or sit in the doctor’s office. Your potential clients are filling small time gaps researching products, selecting services, and making purchases – right on their mobile phones. From ordering pizza to securing a home loan, individuals complete their transactions anytime, anywhere… and they want only want to use mobile-friendly, user-friendly websites to do it. You can capitalize on this preference by differentiating your business with a simply designed, easily navigated web page optimized for mobile use. Potential mobile customers will flock to your mobile-friendly website and avoid the frustrations of your competitors’ slow-loading websites. A last bit of advice: hire a professional to create your site. A skilled designer will ensure visitors have a user-friendly experience and will return again and again. Mobile web searchers save and appreciate websites that are easy to view on their mobile phones. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting several minutes for a website to load – only to end up looking at a jumbled mess and unable to find the information you need. The first thing people do when this happens is hit the “back” button to find a better, more user-friendly website. Imagine how often this could be happening to your business… Talk about money down the drain… With a simple, mobile-friendly website, you can turn that around and start making your mobile prospects and customers happy to do business with you!

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