Google Helpouts

How to Use Google Helpouts in Your Small Business

Most of the time when we think about Google we aren't exactly getting warm and fuzzy all over. Instead it's usually just the opposite! This time it's different. The newest offering from the folks in Mountain View is aptly named Google Helpouts. And we're here to tell you, so far we love it!

So what are Google Helpouts?

Google Helpouts are video chats, performed on a timed basis either for free or paid, using the same video chat platform as Google Hangouts. The main difference is that, they are one-on-one video chats intended to offer specific help to those who request it. You will find currently eight major categories in which people can find someone to aid them, and the offerings are quite broad. One provider might be offering technical computer help, another guitar lessons and yet another home electrical advice. The possibilities are endless. All providers are approved by Google, and are rated by their users.

How can your small business gain from Google Helpouts?

There are many ways a small business can employ Google Helpouts. Lessons, tutorials, advice and one-to-one help can go quite some distance toward introducing your business to the community, as well as strengthening your brand and reputation. Consider how best your business can benefit from this source of lead generation, and whether it's a good idea to charge for your services. A free consult may be just what is required to develop a lot of the know, like, and trust you are seeking. It could function as a best business card you have ever made!

How do you start with Google Helpouts?

You'll need to request an invitation, and make sure you have the technical equipment needed. (You probably already do!) You'll also need to download the Helpouts plugin from Google. Once you are approved it's simply a matter of going out there and helping people, and watch as your brand grows in reputation and sales.

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