4 Tips for Stellar Customer Communication

These days it’s no longer enough to speak with your customers only where there’s an issue. Dealing with ever stiffer competition, a savvy business owner understands this and ensures they have an effective and enlightening customer communication system in place.

Getting feedback from your customer and learning about what they need from a service or product like yours is nothing but smart, and will help you stay in business for a long time. So how do you get this done? There are so many choices when it comes to communication now, email, social media, instant messaging, phone support or more. Here are four ways to help make some decisions when instituting a customer communication system in your business.

4 Ways to listen to and hear your customers

  • Make customer communication a top priority – Make a decision not to treat customer communication like plumbing problem: only dealt with when it’s overflowing. Effective communication with your customers and prospects will lead to satisfied customers, more customers, enhanced reputation, and consequently more cash in your wallet!
  • Monitor the social channels they frequent – Find out which of your social media channels your customers are frequenting, and make sure you have an interactive and engaging presence there. This is an excellent way to learn about and head off problems, and also give your business a friendlier, social face to know like and trust.
  • Use surveys and contests – Conducting regular surveys and contests is a fantastic way to find out what your customer base is thinking and bringing up, and to be able to deliver on some of those needs and desires for them. Listening to customers ask for a product or service you were thinking of providing can serve both as a confirmation for you and make you look like a rock star in their eyes.
  • Employ transactional feedback – Try to get feedback after every transaction, whether in the form of a feedback card emailed to them, handed to them or printed on their receipt. You can even incentivize this with an offer of some sort. This also works very well for events, and helps them feel even more looked after.

Managing effective communication with your customer base requires a bit of effort and desire, but it can pay off handsomely in the long run.