Automate Your Posts

Ever thought of automating your blog post promotion?

You've put together great content, but yet you seem to be having difficulty getting people to come view it. This is a not uncommon problem, especially for those of us that are creative types first and marketers second. There are ways you can set up a semi-automated flow that will get your work out there, and it'll only need a bit of setup to get started. Let's see what's possible…

5 Tips for automating your blog post promotion

Employ Buffer for social media - Buffer can be very useful when you want to post to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ pages. There are a ton of other features that help you see how this is working, and is very easy to set up.

Get your blog posts syndicated - There are oodles of places where you can syndicate your best content to have it seen by huge audiences across the Web. Sites like AllTop, Storify, Technorati and BlogEngage are a few of the best, but you will discover literally dozens. You can realize a ton of visitors with this.

Setup an IFTTT recipe on Reddit - Using an IFTTT recipe (short for "If This Then That") you can automate your blog posts to show up on the largest traffic site among the social bookmarking crowd.

Look into Snap - Snap (stands for Social Network Auto Poster) is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to share your blog posts in an automated manner to some of the social networks that are notoriously hard to setup automation, like StumbleUpon.

Facebook Sponsored Stories - This one may cost you a few shekels, but it can be worth it. Using the Facebook Power Editor you can make it work out so your Sponsored story (your blog post) is shown only in the News Feed, and only to the targeted audiences you've set up. Awesome!

Taking advantage of these methods will get your blog post content off to a rip-roaring start, and possibly help them to find viral legs of their own. Start a campaign like this with your very next post.

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