Text From Desktop

– Send and receive text in real-time, right from a desktop or mobile app
– Follow up with leads from your website or Google maps
– Schedule and confirm appointments
– Use your existing business phone number or we set a new number up for you to send and receive text all from an online account
– Connect with your customers directly and professionally through text
– Contacts are stored, you can send SMS broadcasts to all, or individual numbers
– Upload contact, create groups, customize settings, and set up multiple users

People find your business online

– Over 60% of website views occur on mobile devices
– Text is the native language of mobile phone users
– People who would rather text, may call another shop
– Texting is the most preferred means of communication in the world
– Texting is quick, convenient, and private

$25.00 Monthly

$25.00 Monthly

OR Get 2 Months Free $250.00 Annually

$250.00 Annual

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