Podium Reputation Management For Auto Body Shops

The way that vehicle owners find, engage, and choose an auto body shop has changed dramatically in recent years. Instead of turning to their family and friends for recommendations or frequenting the same auto body shop over and over again, they are turning to the Internet to help them choose an auto body shop. As a result, an auto body shop that doesn’t make it convenient for customers to find and interact with them online are going to be left behind.

Podium helps your shop:

Get found by improving local search ranking

Get connected by making customer interactions modern and convenient

Get chosen because reviews significantly impact purchase decisions

Grow Your Auto Body Business

Shops using the Podium Messaging Platform report selling 5% more parts or repairs because of sales initiated or made through text.

Increase Efficiency

Podium’s Messaging Platform helps shops save 5 hours a week on average.

Improve Satisfaction

77% of auto body shops using Podium Messaging feel that their customers are more satisfied receiving text messages than other forms of communication.

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