Hyper Local Marketing

What About the Smaller Daily Deal Sites?

Now that Groupon and LivingSocial, though far from dead, are sorting out their businesses moving forward, smaller daily deal sites have jumped into the mind of small business owners as a viable option for this business model going forward. It's not completely vital to choose the largest company, when in reality, a smaller daily deal site may be better for your business.

So who are these smaller daily deal sites?

There are several daily deal sites that cater to small business. No longer are you trapped buying huge inventories of deals, when you really don't have the business to allow for it. Also, support from a smaller site is easier to come by, as you're not being passed over for businesses spending considerably more money than yours. A short, albeit incomplete, list of some of these companies includes daily deal sites you may not have heard of yet. Everyone knows about the market mavens like Groupon, LivingSocial, Facebook and now Google, but the smaller, quite possibly more agile companies would include the likes of Woot, Yelp, eLocal, Local Response, ZipLocal, Signpost, CityMaps, Yipit, and ShowMeLocal.

How daily deals can work for hyperlocal marketing

Some of these niche sites have the flexibility to adapt change to your hyperlocal marketing needs. If your campaign needs tweaking or adjustment on the fly, it's far easier to accomplish than with a larger company. They typically don't have investors to answer to, and can often make adjustments and decisions that a Groupon couldn't. They know that they need to come through for your small business, or your business will dry up. Also, in our social environment, and particularly with a hyperlocal marketing campaign, word of mouth can offer both a positive and negative effect. Don't make the mistake of discounting the smaller daily deal sites when you are looking for offers. They may be exactly what you need!

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