Do You Want More Online Reviews For Your Shop?

If you want more good online reviews for your shop, then you should take our 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge. Give us five days and we’ll get you more online reviews, it’s that simple.

It is completely free and we do not require a credit card.

Here is how it works.

We send out a feedback request to some of your most recent customers and ask them a simple Yes/No question.

“Would you recommend our business to your family and friends?”

If they answer yes we simply direct them to an online review site to leave an online review.

If they answer no we stop there and ask for additional feedback on how you can improve in your business. This gives you an opportunity to avoid a negative review and immediately fix a potential problem with your customer.

You might be wondering what’s the catch.

Well… there is no catch; if you commit to our proof of concept challenge, we will commit to you to get your business more online reviews complete 100% free.

To accept our 100% free no credit card required 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge simply click the blue button below and give us some basic info about your business and Bill will reach out to you and get you set up.

The only thing we ask is if you accept this challenge, that you follow through and communicate with us so we can get you set up and into the 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge.

Common questions:

What does it cost? It doesn’t cost you anything it is free today.

What do I have to do? You don’t need to do anything except supply us with your most recent customers. Usually just the past 30 days.

How many reviews will I get? It depends on how many recent customers you give us. We usually average a 10% conversion to online reviews.